Thursday, July 02, 2009

New Things

That is right, Reed got his first two teeth last week! Something that Reed did before Braden:-) Just kidding...we do not compare or at least try not to!
Trying to get Reed to smile so we could get a picture of his new teeth.
Didn't quite get his teeth in this snapshot.
I do not think that B and R look alike but there are times when I can definitely see them favoring each other. I think that once Reed puts some meat on those bones then he and B will look more alike. They definitely have different body types. Most people think that Braden is a little thickster but we like to say that he is "solid." He really is pretty strong for his age an d doesn't have any rolls. Reed is skinny minny! He is now 15 lbs. 8 oz. so he working his way up.
We took the boys to the farm yesterday while my dad watered Craig and Tina's plants. They both love to be outside and I hope this doesn't change.
Braden wasn't quite sure of the hat I made him wear but he kept it on.
This Big Bird is one that we had when we were little kids. My mom kept most of our good toys and now our boys get to enjoy them too!
Reed blowing some bubbles
Ryan and I went to the lake this past weekend with friends and my parents took the boys to visit their families in Kentucky.
My dad's uncle, Uncle Charles, was the main reason for them going to visit. I am so glad that R and B got to meet him. I definitely want our boys to understand how important it is to take time to visit others and to value what they can learn from adults! If they are even half the hard worker that Uncle Charles was then they will be very successful!


Jan and Randy Cromer said...


The Simmons Family said...

They are SO adorable!! I love every single picture. Reed is definetly catching up to Braeden.. I'm sure by their first birthday, he'll be there. Also, I'm jealous that your mom saved your toys. I was just talking to Owen's therapist today about how crummy the toys are these days. We were joking that if only our parents would have kept our toys?! :)

Happy 4th.


carol said...

Toofers... can't believe it. Especially since Braden has been drooling forever. I just knew you were going to call and say his teeth came in. Grams monkeys are doing great they are so sweet. love ya and see you soon.xxoxoxo's and lots of prayers gram and papat

Michael and Hannah said...

Nothing cuter than sweet widdle baby teeth!! Braden has such gorgeous eyes.