Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Summer Times

We have just been enjoying this really warm weather we have been having and trying to stay cool. Braden and Reed love the water! If we ever run out of things to do, all I have to do is put them in their pool or the bathtub!
Ryan, my parents, and I went to my brother's farm on Saturday. It was pretty hot but we hung out under the trees or in the pool the whole time. I cannot wait till the boys are big enough to enjoy seeing the cows and petting the horses. I am sure that time will be here before we know it.
Braden likes anything he can get his hand on especially if it is in someone else's hands!
Braden watching over Reed!
Braden decked out in his swimming trunks and rashguard shirt?!? Who in the world came up with those shirts? I still put sunscreen on his pale little belly jsut in case they don't work.
Reed chillin' in the pool. He was too cool to wear the shirt to match Braden. This past Sunday was baby Bible presentation. My mom bought the boys these really sweet outfits. Ryan even liked them! I thought they looked really cute!!!
People say that Braden looks like my dad...what do you think?


Josh and LB said...

Ryan and Keeley,

You guys look like you are enjoying the summer. The boys are too cute in their swim gear and they look like they have a blast in the water. So glad they are doing well.

Lori Beth

Natalie said...

I love their Sunday outfits!! They are getting so big and cuter everyday.
Easton loves the pool too. We will have to get them together for a swim date.

Amy said...

I just can't get over the improvements Reed has been making! You have two of the cutest boys ever!!! I LOVE seeing all the pictures!!! You guys are still in my prayers! Amy

Karen Risley said...

Love the pictures!

-vic- said...

awww...they are so cute!!! I love their little "Bible School" outfits...looks like little suspenders!!!

carol said...

Missing you all soooooo much! They are beginning to look alot alike depending on what they are doing. They still take after the grandpas. Which we wouldn't have it any other way. pics are great... hope to see you all soon prayers and love always xoxoxoxo's gram

Mimi said...

Cute cute cute!!! How far out is he from transplant? He looks sooooo good!!

Your boys are too cute!

Anonymous said...


I wondered about the "rash guard" name myself. Last summer I saw an article telling the origin - sufers designed them so the wax from their boards would not give them rash. The shirts do work. Tonight Jacen's "farmer's tan" was very obvious. Once he and Alex realized they didn't have to stand still for full body sunscreen, there were no complaints about wearing the shirts. What a special summer you are having. I know it is such a blessing that Reed is able to be out and enjoy activity with the whole family.

Enjoy your time - you are a great mom!


DCVol said...

They are soooooooooooo adorable; I had so much fun holding them at Mere's shower and I really need to come visit you guys again soon because I just adore them both. They are beautiful and so is their loving family. Love, Kelly S.

Sheena White said...

great pics! glad we got to see yall and the boys! love yall :)

Aunt Sheena

Michael and Hannah said...

Such gorgeous pics!