Thursday, March 29, 2018

Safari Park in July 2017

Tina and I took the kids to The Tennessee Safari Park. It was so much fun! 
Kylie's face is priceless...the ostrich was very aggressive
I would not recommend going here in a brand new car:-)
 It was totally worth the drive to do visit but it took several hours to get my car cleaned. We had the food in all sorts of crevices in our car. 

Summer in July 2017

Grand Ole Opry Tour - I can't say that the kids loved it;-)
We had part of Ryan's family in town for an extended weekend. We toured the Opry then spent the afternoon at Opry Mills eating and shopping,
Dollywood and Pigeon Forge
This is the calm before the storm. Several kids had been sick before this trip and shortly after this picture, Reed bit the dust too. He didn't get to enjoy Splash Country and stayed in the cabin with a fever and throwing up all day and night.  Then next day we skipped out on Dollywood too. 
Luke, Colton, Braden, and Harris
Who doesn't love some Dippin' Dots?!
Braden, Reese, Callie, Rylee, Luke, Colton. Harris, Kylie, Camille, and Macey
Reese, Kylie, and Rylee got some crazy hair going on in the mornings! 
Reed was finally feeling better by day three
We all went hiking on Saturday.  Reed was feeling better so he went to but his energy/strength was pretty low. Probably not the best parenting move. 
Reed, Harris, Braden, and Colton
After hiking up almost 3 miles, we headed back down. Well, the weather was not on our side when a thunder storm hit. It was freezing!!! We survived though.
Random pictures from our summer fun times...
Why does she look like a teenager here?!
I love their cousin friendship.
Life has come full circle. My brothers and Ryan used to collect cards growing up and now our boys love it too!
This girl right here brings so much joy and laughter to our family
This is what happens when Nana and Papa go to China town
 VBS with Callie and Maddi
 Some summer days are longer than others but wouldn't trade this time for anything! 
Ryan coached the boys in basketball this summer. He is such a great coach for these boys and they have learned so much.
Coach Ryan, Patrick, Harris, John, Jacob, Coach David, Coach Jason
Reed, Connor, Gavin, Caden, and Braden