Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Great Outdoors

I am a little bit behind in keeping up with my posts here lately. I do have a pretty good excuse dad has been working our office desks and built-ins for the last month on and off. Basically, the computer has been sitting on the floor covered in sawdust and maybe some paint splatters. I will have pictures soon of his great work!
These first few pictures are kind of random in this post but I needed to post this pic so that our next door neighbor could see Kylie in this dress. Our neighbor called me one day and asked if I would like some clothes that her granddaughter had grown out of and I, of course, said yes. I was shocked to find the clothes she was giving Kylie were all hand smocked and sewn by her. I love everything that she gave Kylie!
 Dove Hunt #1
A few weeks ago, Ryan went hunting with my dad and brother. Craig goes every year to Celina, TN to hun and invited Ryan to go this year. While all the guys are hunting, the girls literally sit on the front porch and watch the kids play. Here are Reed, Braden, Luke, Kylie and Charley waiting their turn to ride the 4-wheeler with "Mr. Goob."
Luke Deming ready to go kill some birds. I love that face!
When the guys got back from the hunt, Kylie and Charley were loving playing with the doves. Kylie would pick up the birds and say, "Hi Birdie!"
This picture is for Ryan's family and friends who knew him before meeting me. This boy didn't even know what a gun was when we started dating...just kidding, but he definitely had never been hunting. I guess there are not too many deer, turkeys, doves, ducks, etc. around in Florida.  I am still working on converting this city boy into a country boy. 7 years ago, I would have never thought I would catch him cleaning birds that he killed.
One funny story...Ryan said that he killed a dove but when he went to go fetch it, it was not totally dead. At this point is usually where hunters will just wring the bird's neck. Ryan said that he just couldn't do that so he just stepped on its head really hard so he wouldn't have to wring its neck!
Dove Hunt #2
Some of our good friends, Juan and Gabie! This was taken a week later at my brother's house where they were dove hunting.
Blessing our food at the barn:-)
It rained towards the end of this dove hunt and the kids had so much fun. Here they were running from the fence all the way to the pile of dirt...a.k.a manure over and over!
Reed, Braden, Ty and Kylie racing each other
I am not for sure why Charley was crying here but I love her sweet little tears in this pic.
My boys: Reed, Ryan and Braden
Our boys love their uncle Craig. I thought this was a cute pic with Reed not wanting to let go of Uncle Craig's finger.
This might have something to do with why they love Craig so much!
Ryan helping Kylie ride the bike while the others rode the tractor.
Class Camping Trip
Last weekend, our Sunday school class went on a camping trip to Defeated Creek and it was so much fun. There were 60 adults and 62 kids! We only took the boys and Kylie got to spend the night with Charley. Kylie was so excited and did not care that she was not going camping at all.
On Friday afternoon, the boys spent a lot of their time fishing and playing in the lake. This is Braden sitting with Callie and Reed walking away!
I didn't take many pictures because I just kept forgetting my camera. This is what the two little boys look like when they wake up in the morning. They slept great in the tent and loved every second of it.
Macey, Madison, Camille, Braden, Reed and Macie...all of this kids are in same Sunday school class at church and were all born in November 2008 (except Camille was December).
The twins: Braden, Macey, Reed and Madison
On Saturday night, Cory C. hosted a milkshake party at his campsite. You filled out your order form and they would make whatever you wanted....I mean who gets that when camping?! It was a wonderful weekend and the kids and adults had so much fun. I cannot wait to do it again next year!