Friday, July 17, 2015

Summer Times are Fun Times

Happy 90th Birthday to Nanny! Who goes out to play kickball on her 90th birthday? Nanny does! She can definitely say that she has lived a full life but I feel like she has many more years to give! 
When I see this picture, all that I can think about are those old timey photos
where the men and women never smile. Love ya Nan! 
"What goes around, comes around"
I have found myself telling my mom lately how funny situations are because I have turned into her! From making our kids pick up garbage at the road to leaving each kids' items on the stairs to put up. I am still working on the cooking part though to be more like my mom:-) 
I was on the side of the fence by the road and the kids were on the "safe" side. They filled 2 huge garbage bags full of litter. Good lesson for them to learn why throwing trash out your car is never a good idea. 
VBS - This year our church's VBS theme was Esther, and it was amazing.  The boys were excited because Mr. Chad and Mrs. Meghan brought Claire, Presley and Vivi.  
American Girl - Kylie asked for an AG doll for her birthday back in April. She said that she wanted to wait until our store opened in Franklin. Nanny came up for the day with my mom to watch the girls pick out their dolls. Kylie picked Rebecca which I think kind of favors her. The boys were good sports but definitely were ready to leave by the end. 
Dollywood and Splash Country 
We went for a long weekend to Pigeon Forge with the Karkaus and Watsons. We had a great time with friends and our husbands were bigger kids than the actual kids!
Colton is tall enough to ride the Wild Eagle at Dollywood.
The guys had some major races going on. Jarrod -1, David -2 and Ryan - 3. 
 Kylie, Callie
Reed, Braden, and Colton
(this was the day before the Watsons could come)
 Kylie Reese and Reese...When I call Kylie's name, it takes care of both of these girlies! 
 Rylie, Callie, Kylie and Reese
Reese, Kylie, Reed, Callie, Rylie, Luke, Braden, and Colton
On our way out of town, we stopped at the race tracks for some healthy competition. It won't be lon, unfortunately, before these girls are turning 16 and driving. 
 Maddox and Colin came to visit while they were in town for Impact.
Kylie, Maddi and Corbin were big helpers at Woodbine/YES. The kids got to make their own ice cream in a bag using heavy whipping cream, vanilla, sugar, ice and rock salt. Pretty neat experiment for kids. 
 This summer they have concert in the park at Crockett Park. We usually go to the Karkaus house for swimming, devo, bike ride to the park, dinner at the concert then bike ride back. So much fun! 
 Blackberry and Peach Picking
I picked several hours at my brother's but the kids only lasted 30 minutes. It is pretty painful if you haven't ever experienced picking wild blackberries before. The kids were covered with bites when they got home. I guess that's what I get for letting them go to the bathroom outside. Note to self: spray the kids with bug spray everywhere on their body:-)
My dad has tame berries that he grows at their house. Much easier to pick since there are not any briers, but the berries are just not as sweet. 
Of all of the kids, Reed wins the award for the best picker. Even in the briers, he was a trooper. I think it must be that his skin is used to being stuck;-)
I love the way Kylie is looking at her brother in this picture...true love! 
Don't they look thrilled to be picking?!
 Kylie and Charley getting all dressed up after all of their hard work. 
I had to document this picture because it is so sweet. One day, the boys told us they had been sleeping together, but Ryan and I had no clue. Every night since they told us, Reed has been sleeping in the twin bed with Braden. Good think they have 4 twin beds in their room and they sleep in 1!! 
 This past Tuesday we went up for the day to see Nanny. Braden and Kylie played dress up while Reed read Nanny a book. Both boys are doing so well with their reading, and we are so proud of them. 
 Jump Street 
 Finally, Reed lost his first tooth 2 weeks ago. Just like when the boys were "growing up", Reed typically would hit those "milestones" 3 months after Braden. I guess losing teeth is no different! 

Charleston Wedding Trip

We went to Charleston, SC at the end of May for Blake White's wedding. We had never been to Charleston before, and it was such a fun place to visit. There are not many cities that I think can top Nashville/Franklin for living, but Charleston would be a top runner-up. 
We flew in on a Wednesday and stayed until Monday. On Friday night, the rehearsal dinner was in someone's backyard that is on the lake and it was beautiful. It was great catching up with Ryan's side of family and his Uncle Ritchie was a great host for Charleston. 
This is why we own a minivan so that the kids are not touching! 
Uncle Ritchie with the kids
Catching a nap whenever they could. 
We went walking on the beach one night after dinner.
"Mom, we just want to get our feet in the water!!" 
The Wedding 
Uncle Jerry, Val and Haley
Granny and Grandpa with the kids
Reed danced the night away for 2 solid hours. 
We would not convince Braden to go out there for anything. 
We had such a great time and cannot wait to go back again.