Sunday, November 20, 2011

Parties Continued

Kylie Reese I have not forgotten about you. I got the "lecture" from my mom telling me that Kylie was going to end up just like me....having a 1/3 of the size baby book to her 2 older brothers!!! I know that I have not been keeping up with the blog as well but I promise that I will do better for you Kylie. Since by the way this blog is your baby book!
Kylie is a little spuny, full of like 19 month old. She doesn't not miss a beat and does her very best to keep up with Braden and Reed. I ask my mom how she is in comparison to how I was since we both have 2 older brothers. She says that Kylie is not as "passive" as I was. But in her defense, there is only 17 months between her and the boys. She has to hold her own.
We continued the boys' birthday celebrations with the girls of the family. Ryan and papa were hunting in Kentucky. I cooked lunch for everyone and we just hung out at the house. My mom, granny, nanny, Tina and Charley came to party!

Tina came through like she always does with creative gifts. She got the boys their own drill set like papa's.
Do you notice Reed's super cute glasses?!! He has a stigmatism that he has to wear glasses for 6 hours a day. We are working on those 6 hours! He totally reminds me of that cute, nerdy (I meant that in a nice way) kid that was in Jerry McGuire. Too stinkin' cute! Kylie and Charley couldn't be left out so they got new make-up.
Charley got a new puppy that dances. She absolutely loved it! Her expression was priceless.The boys got more tractors...
and a bank full of Tootsie Rolls.Charley and GrannyGranny reading to Braden
When Uncle Craig comes, it gets crazy. He is a big kid that instigates the kids doing stuff they usually aren't supossed to do.
Aunt Tina being smushed by CraigReed jumping off the couchKylie getting pushed off the couchBraden with his wild and crazy hair jumping off! Charley being thrown into the couch!
Craig teaching the kids how to roll the ball to each other.And finally, Craig picking up our 86 year old nanny!!!!

Thursday, November 17, 2011


We have had a busy last couple of weeks around here. We moved about 12 miles down the road, have our old house on the market (probably not real smart to move before you sell), and Reed had to go in to the hospital for pneumonia. I'll explain in more detail later. Needless to say, there is NEVER a dull moment in our house!
These pictures were the last night at our old house. It was definitely bitter sweet leaving this house. I have been at this house since 2001, Ryan joined me in 2005, Braden and Reed joined us in 2008 (well Reed joined us in February of 2009) and then Kylie joined us in 2010. Don't worry, no one else is planning on joining us any time soon!

Kylie's room as I will always remember it at our house. I still say that I will never make curtains again after I made these damask ones but I will say, I still love them. Who knew that I would be using them for my little girl's room one day. Now onto the other events that went on. The weekend that we moved, Reed started to get sick. At first, I thought it was just a cold but he kept having a reoccuring fever then began having difficulty breathing at night. I knew his pneumonia was coming back (which he had in September and never really got over). Sunday night was Trunk-or-Treat at our church so we decided to still go. Poor Reed was such a little trooper trying to walk around but he was pretty pitiful!
Here was the gorilla that Braden was not too fond of!

Martha Lynn always comes up with the best runk decorations and themes. I will say that she made a pretty good ugly witch! The boys were not quite sure who she was!
So Kylie was supposed to be a deer and the boys were hunters. Since the weekend was a tad bit busy, I just decided she would go as a bee. Can you hunt bees?!
Braden loved his gun that he got to carry around. I hope we didn't offend too many people letting our 2 year olds carry guns!
**FYI: I took Reed to the Dr. the next morning and I told her "he has pneumonia. We went for a chest X-rar at VAndy and the radiologist said he had one of the worst pneumonias that he had seen in a while. Normally they will treat it out of patient but with his history and transplant, they admitted him. We stayed there 3 days and they (Infectious Disease Team) ran a lot of tests on him to make sure there were no crazy strands of bacteria causing it. Thankfully everything came back as "just" pneumonia.**

Rainy Days
I don't know about ya'll but it makes it really hard on me when it is rainy all day. The kids and myself all get a little stir crazy. The boys and Kylie decided they would bring up their riding toys from the garage to ride upstairs. I said "ok" since I knew it would entertain them for a little while.

I even let them eat straight out of the Craisins bag so they will have something to do! Props to my dad for finishing my table for me. I needed a 5ft. round table and chairs and got this one on Craigslist for $100. It was a pale color glossy oak table and chairs (but of course, I forgot a before picture) before an this is the after. I think it turned out great! Turning Three
The boys celebrated their 3rd Birthday on November 12th! We did things pretty low key this year. Ryan's parents came in town and we just did things the kids enjoyed. I really cannot believe they are already 3 and 2 of the 3 biggest blessings in our lives.

Marcy Jo's is where we started their day off. This is a little hole in the wall restaurant that has really good breakfast. After breakfast, we went to Tractor Supply Co., Toys R' Us and Wal-Mart where the boys picked out even more tractors and trucks that they "really needed"! HA!

Kylie Reese being her little mischevious self!
My three little kiddos
Granpa with his 3 grandkids Any of you who know Reed really well, know that he rarely is seen without some knot on his head. He has not had one in a long time but now he has 2. He busted off of a horse headfirst on the hardwoods then tripped over a rug onto the floor headfirst. That always makes for great goose eggs:-)
When we got home, the boys opened their gifts from Granny Carol and Grandpa. They got lots of cool stuff including John Deere blankets that Granny made, tractors, and even tire horse swings. They did way too much for the kids but the boys loved everything!
My mom came over later and brought their gifts. My dad was doing more important stuff...deer hunting-) This picture really needs a video to explain but Braden loves okra. My mom bought him some fried okra at Wal-Mart. When he opened it, he said "Nana, you bought me okra!!!!!" You would have thought she bought him a real tractor. A family tradition when I grew up was that you always got an ice cream roll cake on your birthday. They are the BEST things ever that my mom (sometimes dad) makes. They put Baskin Robins and Cold Stone to shame. She made me and the boys one for our birthdays!
That night, we took the kids to Chucky Cheese. A parent's last place they want to be on a Saturday night but the kids had a blast.
The house we bought had one previous owner and they left this skooter in the garage. The man said that his wife used to ride it to town every day. This thing is like 30 years old but wasn't tunning. So my dad and this other guy worked on it and got it running. Of course, all three kids got to ride too. Don't worry, he was driving like 5 miles an hour.