Monday, December 31, 2012

Christmas 2012

What a wonderful year 2012 has been for our family. I know that I say this every year since 2007/2008, but I am so grateful to be at home with our family celebrating instead of at the hospital. The years 2007 and 2008 taught us so many things about what the real importance the holidays are. It is not the presents, the Christmas decorations and lights or all of the food that we eat, but it is the family that you get to spend the holidays with. You cannot take one day for granted that you get to spend with the ones you love and none of us know when our time will end here on this earth. Praise God for all of our blesssings, in good times and bad!
Christmas Eve Dinner
Nanny, Kylie, Dad and Granny
 Braden, Ryan, Reed and mom.
The kids were doing a little dancing to Thomas the Train
 Even though Christmas is not about the decorations, I do love to decorate. My house feels so bare now that all the decorations are down. I still remember the day that we put Braden and Reed in these exact same stockings at Vanderbilt hospital to take our family Christmas card picture.
Santa does not wrap gifts at our house. Each kid gets their own place with their gifts.
Christmas Morning
Ryan is always the big giver at Christmas and really all the time during the year. He has the biggest heart and loves to give. He did really good this year with my presents. He got me some clothes, a new purse, wallet and sunglasses. I only had to return one thing and that was jeans that he so kindly bought in a size 25 waist which I cannot wear right now...or probably ever!!
Christmas Dinner
Mentioning Ryan having a big heart and being a giver, he also sometimes goes overboard!! The boys asked for a motorcycle so he got them one and a four-wheeler. These will be staying at my parents house since to ride!
My sweet grannies. Nanny (in red) is 87 and Granny is 85. We are so lucky to still have both of them around!
Gift Time 
Tea Party Time with Cousins
I pray that God continues to bless our family with good health this upcoming 2013, but we will also be thankful for each day that we are given and take each day as it comes whatever that may be.

December Memories