Wednesday, November 20, 2013

5 Really?!

Braden and Reed cannot be 5! We celebrated on their birthday, November 12th with some friends at Chuck E. Cheese. The kids all had a great time and we even stayed till after 9 even though we got there at 6. I especially loved it since there was no cleaning up on our part!
 Harris, Garret and Corbin
 Dr. Jeff with Madison and Macey
 What this picture doesn't show is the aftermath. Kylie blew out Braden's candle so Reed pushed her, got up and ran to Ryan crying because he was so mad that she did that to his brother:-)
 Avery and Maddi
 Kylie and Charley

Halloween 2013

Batman Braden, Robin Reed and Wonder Woman Kylie
ML is so creative for Halloween costumes. The funny thing is that she bought this coat while she was in Italy in college to wear for real!
 Kylie was originally going to be Dorothy and the boys were going to be the Tin Man and the Scarecrow but the boys let me know 4 days before that they didn't want to do that. Thank goodness for Amazon and friends that have super hero costumes. I made Kylie's the night before with some tulle, felt and a hot glue gun!
Preston, Hailey, Maddi, Reed, Braden, Kylie and Avery 
 Lola and Mia
Nana and Papa with the heroes
 Granny and Nanny with the great grandkids


We took a trip mid-October to Gatlinburg with the Crawfords. We stayed just a few miles from Dollywood so it was really convenient to everything. Leaving on Thursday allowed us a full day at the park and another full day to spend in Pigeon Forge.
I think the kids would be completely happy just hanging out in the hotel rooms with each other. The funniest thing was one night the kids were playing so we went to check on them. They had pulled the sheets off of their bed and made a long aisle from their bed down the hallway. They said they were having a wedding. That lead to Braden and Camille walking down the aisle, Reed standing on the bed saying "Ladies and Gentleman, boys and girls.." and finally Camille grabbing Braden with both hands and laying a kiss on him. I wish that I had that whole thing on video because we had no part in any of the planning! Too cute!
Pictures from Dollywood. It was a bit cold but made for really low crowds and lots of rides.  
 Braden ready to ride...
 Reed too!
 Martha Lynn, Camille, Kylie, Reed, me and Braden
CeCe and ML
 Kylie and Me
 Braden and Ryan
 CeCe and Zach
 The place where we stayed had a great indoor pool and outdoor playground. The kids played while ML and I did a little shopping.