Saturday, March 08, 2014

My Spring Break

Only in Nashville the first week of March could we get snow on Monday then 60 degrees by Saturday! And of course, this happened to be my spring break so the kids did not have school on Monday or Tuesday. So much for getting some stuff done, but it was a fun week! 
We didn't get a lot of snow but the ice caused the main concern. The kids had a great time playing in the little bit that we did get. 
These three have such a good time together, and I just love watching their relationships grow. 
This is how our day outside got started off. Kylie running from the creek crying and the boys chasing after her with cups of mud. They had already covered her back in mud and water!
These two wouldn't dare do anything like that!
After the kids got showered off, they continued playing outside until dark. Kylie was "driving" Iron Man and Iron Patriot somewhere before bed! 
Oh how I LOVE warmer weather and being able to enjoy outside!