Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Our boys love bath time so much that they get one every day! I have decided that putting them in the same tub saves a little bit of time and they like taking a bath together. However, it does not save time when Reed decided to use the bathroom in the tub like he did Sunday. I had to get both boys out of the tub, drain the water, fill it back up and put them back in!
Our pediatrician said that it was time to start rice cereal with Braden and, he did very well with a spoon and taking all of it. We are not giving Reed any yet because rice cereal has hardly any calories in it and we do not want to fill his stomach up with no calorie food!
Ryan had to catch up on some work this past Saturday so me and the boys headed to my parents' house for the day. Boy do you have to bring a ton of stuff for these guys! 2 bouncy seats, one pack-n-play, formula and bottles for both, medicines for Reed, outfits, burp clothes, diapers, wipes, Reed's pump that is on a pole, play mat, and don't forget Baby Einstein video!!!

Nanny is in town for a week so she loved having them over for the day.
Ryan came over after he finished work and decided to get Braden to walk:-)
He can't walk yet but sure loves to try!
My mom fixed a great steak dinner Saturday night and Craig and Tina came over. Uncle Craig is not for sure what to do with babies, but he will love it when they get to walking! He will be the one the boys will go to to get whatever they want...he cannot say no!
Tina cuts hair, but it will be a while until she gives Braden his first hair cut!!!
Reed practicing sitting up. His neck strength is getting so much better but we now need to practice on him standing. We know that he has good strength in his legs but he just doesn't want to use them to stand!
Sunday afternoon, the Crawfords came over to go for a walk. Braden cried the first five minutes because it was nap time. We had a quiet walk the rest of the time. Of course, Camille hardly made a peep the whole walk.
Has anyone seen Reed and Braden????
Monday night, I had Bunco and the theme this time was Bridesmaid Bunco. I was not too thrilled about having to squeeze into one of my dresses. Thankfully, it still fit! My parents kept the boys because Ryan plays basketball on Monday nights. We even spent the night at their house and they got up with Reed during the night to feed him so we could sleep! Who knew that uninterrupted sleep could feel so good?!?

Friday, March 20, 2009

HAPPY BIRTHDAY NANA...We love you very much!
Thank you for all that you do for us!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The boys sported their green outfits for St. Patrick's Day yesterday. They had to go for their four month check-up to celebrate!
My mom went with me to help control the boys for their doctor's appointment. I was more worried about her crying when the boys got their shots than them crying:-)
Reed and Braden seemed to enjoy entertaining themsleves and looking at themselves in the mirror. Braden is 25th percentile for his height and weight. He has come a long ways considering he was not even on the curve 2 months ago. Our little Reed is still working his way up on the curve but he will catch up soon. Braden weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz., Reed weighs 10 lbs. 11 oz., and they are both about 24 inches long.
You know how the doctor asks you a lot of questions concerning your child's development at each appointment? Well, the doctor asked me if Braden was rolling over and I said "not yet!" Well, she turned him over on his stomach and was impressed at his strength. She said that he could roll over if he wanted to and she proceeded to tell me what a baby will do in order to roll themselves over. Not 30 seconds after she finished telling me the rolling over steps, Braden rolled over! Oh how I wish that I had our video camera for that moment!
Well, when it came time for shots,Reed decided that he would go first considering that he is pretty experienced at all of this! After his 3 shots, Reed cried a little then I picked him up and he stopped crying.
Braden on the other hand is not so experienced at this whole shot thing. He got his 3 shots and cried a lot! My mom took him outside while I was putting Reed in his car seat. Braden was still crying when I got outside..poor thing!