Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The boys sported their green outfits for St. Patrick's Day yesterday. They had to go for their four month check-up to celebrate!
My mom went with me to help control the boys for their doctor's appointment. I was more worried about her crying when the boys got their shots than them crying:-)
Reed and Braden seemed to enjoy entertaining themsleves and looking at themselves in the mirror. Braden is 25th percentile for his height and weight. He has come a long ways considering he was not even on the curve 2 months ago. Our little Reed is still working his way up on the curve but he will catch up soon. Braden weighs 13 lbs. 6 oz., Reed weighs 10 lbs. 11 oz., and they are both about 24 inches long.
You know how the doctor asks you a lot of questions concerning your child's development at each appointment? Well, the doctor asked me if Braden was rolling over and I said "not yet!" Well, she turned him over on his stomach and was impressed at his strength. She said that he could roll over if he wanted to and she proceeded to tell me what a baby will do in order to roll themselves over. Not 30 seconds after she finished telling me the rolling over steps, Braden rolled over! Oh how I wish that I had our video camera for that moment!
Well, when it came time for shots,Reed decided that he would go first considering that he is pretty experienced at all of this! After his 3 shots, Reed cried a little then I picked him up and he stopped crying.
Braden on the other hand is not so experienced at this whole shot thing. He got his 3 shots and cried a lot! My mom took him outside while I was putting Reed in his car seat. Braden was still crying when I got outside..poor thing!


carol said...

They are something else. I can't get over how in two weeks they have changed. Grandmas babies are growing so fast. Everyone here in Florida tells me that they look at the site consatantly and they love the boys so much. They can't wait to se them in person. Now that Braden is rolling over hes going to never stop. Next the crawl and so forth. How is Reed doing on his bottle? I noticed the tube still. I know last week he took whole bottles. They are starting to wear their clothes better. So we know their growing. I'm glad their getting in the spirit of St. Patricks day. They had a great great great grandpa that was from Ireland and born on St. Patty's day. He was only 4'11' 3 /4 lived to be 90. Probably would have lived longer if his stubborness hadn't caught up. He was the kindest most generous man I have ever known in my life. Course his daddy was a preacher and evangelist. Sean has his nose. Ryan has his middle name. Oh well enough of that. The boys are sooo cute. And Keeley they are so photogentic. Even if they don't like it. love ya all. In God's word always. xoxoxo's love gram and PaPaT.

lyla said...

SO CUTE!!! i love all their sweet outfits--they are precious!

Sheena White said...

I love all the new pics. They are way too cute for their own good. :) Braden makes some of the funniest faces! And I love the one with Reed sitting with Ryan? and his buddah belly sticky out, oh my so cute!!! Hope to be able to share pics of my little man soon. a little over 2 wks to go :)
Love yall!

Amanda said...

They are getting so big! I miss them and you! My mom is coming home with us for 10 days so maybe I can come over by myself and see you all. Love you all, give the boys a hug and kiss.

Anonymous said...

Goodness they're CUTE!! Nick and I both agree that Braden looks like a mini-Craig. Reed looks so healthy and handsome too! We are thrilled they are doing so well. How did your mom hold up during the shots? Were she and Braden crying together? My bet is YES! Your mom has always been so sweet and tender-hearted. Love you! Sarah, Nick & kids