Thursday, June 17, 2010

Lots of Pictures!

I didn't realize that it had been two weeks since I updated last so I have a ton of pictures. Sorry!!
The boys acknowledge Kylie every now and then. Braden pays a little bit more attention to her than Reed does. Braden runs to her if she is crying to see what is going on and he tries to put her paci in her mouth, with the wrong side in! BW and RW love to play with anything that has wheels on it so my parent's house is like heaven to them. Here they are trying to start the tiller.
They have learned how to pull the starter but don't worry, they cannot pull it hard enough!
Kylie really isn't "safe" anywhere except on a table that the boys can't reach. Braden and Reed love to get in her bouncer and swing...I guess it reminds them of the good ol' days when they were little
Their great grannies came to visit last week. Here is granny holding Kylie. I think by the expression on her face that she was glad granny was in town!
Nanny had the touch with her great grand-daughters. Charley is on the left and Kylie on the right.
Its been really hot here in Nashville but the boys still love to be outside. I cannot imagine what August is going to be like if June is this hot!
RW and BW had walked back to the barn so thats why the look like they have been tanning
Every time that Braden wears white, his eyes look crystal blue. Thats one good thing he got from his daddy:-)
The process of Braden trying to steal Reed's cup of ice...
...and Reed lost the battle!
The pink paci is a cute look for Braden don't you think!
Look at those big cheeks on her
The boys don't realize when they are tired outside until they are forced to stop for more than a minute. Mom and granny took them on a golf cart ride and one minute later this is how I found the boys.
Reed is ticklish and this is me torturing him.
Nanny, Reed, Granny and Braden playing with the big trucks at the barn.
This is our neighborhood pet that has been around for more than 4 years. I cannot believe that it has survived that long and that no one has bothered it. This was the peacock in our next door neighbor's yard one morning.
Braden helping daddy start his weedeater
Do you think she is eating enough?!?
There is something about seeing a picture of your kids that really reinforces the fact that Ryan and I have 3 kids. How things change in 5 years of marriage!!!
Braden learning how to fix a tiller with pappa. Braden is one of the most curious 18 month olds that I know.
I love this picture of the boys watching my dad.
The boys trying to stay cool in this 94 degree weather!
Is this white trash looking or what!
Nana and Kylie
Having fun with the storm door...