Friday, July 13, 2012

Family Times

Let's just say that there is NEVER ever a dull moment at our house! One night, Ryan wasn't going to be home until late so I was giving them all a bath before bed. I quickly ran downstairs to fill up their milk cups. 3 minutes later, this is what I walk back in to see in the bathtub. Kylie had gotten the shampoo bottle and poured it in the tub. Needless to say, there were a lot of bubbles!!
A few weeks ago, Ryan's parents came and stayed with us. Have I mentioned that it is impossible to get all three kids to look at the camera together and smile?! We had a great time especially since Ryan's granny, Grandma Lelda and Aunt Vicki came to visit us too for a week. 
Grandma Lelda was great with the kids. She had only met the boys one time before this week and this was the first time for her to meet Kylie!
Aunt Vicki was great help with the kids. She was constantly playing with them and she was so nice considering the kids would wake her up every morning at 6!
We have spent most of our days swimmming this summer since it has been so hot here. None of the three kids are scared at all to jump off of the diving board.
They all love to be thrown in and this picture is pretty funny. Grandpa Terry was throwing Reed in and this throw resulted in a huge back buster.
During this week, Aunt Sheen was in town for Impact at Lipscomb so they came over to play. Colin loves superhero stuff so all the kids were running around being superheros in the house!
Grandma Lelda reading Kylie books outside.  I sure do wish that she lived closer to us because she is so good with the kids.
Braden Paul White
 Reed Hutchison White
 Braden loved wearing Uncle Craig's boots...he is a little mini-me of him down to his "strong willed" personality:-)
 Charley, Braden, Kylie and Reed having a lot of fun together. Isn't Charley Rae the cutest thing?!
 I am so excited that our kids will have cousins growing up. I never had cousins so it is so neat to see their little relationships with each other! Hopefully there will be more cousins in the future...Tina I hope that you are reading this!