Tuesday, November 01, 2016

End of October

Trunk or Treat at Church

 Halloween Night

Fall Festivities

Fall Festival
Teacher Appreciation
I was the mystery reader in the boys' class and got to bring them treats!
 Lunch was provided for the teachers and I am on the committee. I think that my dad's "stumps" he made for me last year worked great for decorations! 
 A great time is always had at Nana and Papa's! 
 'Nuts' - the 2nd grade play
Franklin Pumpkinfest

Back to School

Kylie, Reed, and Braden started back to school.  Kylie is in 1st grade with Ms. White and the boys are in 2nd with Ms. Fitch.  Braden and Reed's class actually looped which means they have the same classmates and teacher as they did in 1st. How fun is that?! 
 Kylie has a sweet group of girls this year and I am excited to get to know them. 
This is she and Isla. 
Even though the kids are getting older, they still love to play with their train set. I just love watching them use their imaginations and play so well together, most of the time! 
 I am soaking up the years that they still love for mom to come to lunch. Plus, who doesn't love getting Chik-fil-A for lunch too. 
 The door I helped decorate for the boys' classroom.
 The boys' class full of lots of personality! 
 School still wears them out on days. The picture was too funny because they were all fighting over who got to sit in Sawyer's booster seat. Braden looks so big here! 

Spartan Sprint 2016
 Some girls from church got together to run the Spartan Sprint at Fort Campbell, Ky. It was about 5 miles with 20 obstacles, a lot of rain and mud but so much fun! 
 It rained so much during the race that the parking lot became one big mud puddle with LOTS of cars stuck including my van. We ended up having to get the guy to pull us out. Next time, I will drive Ryan's truck!