Monday, June 20, 2016

School Fun

Derby Run Day
The kids do this for a fundraiser for the school where they run around the back loop for 30 minutes.
 Kylie's class getting ready to do some warm-up exercises before it starts. It was pretty cold but worked perfect since the kids got warmed up after a few laps. 
We were so proud of Kylie. Going into the run, Ryan and I didn't think she would run more than 9 laps. She tied for the most laps in her class with 13 laps!!
 Her sweet little class
 Reed doesn't start out the fastest but he has some stamina. He also tied for the most laps run in his class with Braden and Jett for a total of 15 laps!! 
 Field Day
The kids got beautiful weather for the field day the week before school let out.
 Have you tried to jump in a sack lately?!! It is way harder than it looks. I definitely captured some good falls of other kids. Thankfully they still allow kids to do these kids of things! 
 Reed was the last one up in his class beating the other class they were racing. I love Zach's face congratulating Reed! 
 Tug of War was all that they cared about. Their class made it to the semi-finals but got beat.
 It is crazy in the difference of mentality from kindergarten to 1st grade. The K class just went to have fun but the 1st wanted to win everything! 
Can you tell how hot it was?!!
 Then the week later, it was freezing! Ryan and I took the kids to the strawberry festival where we froze.  Don't waste your time going to this festival in downtown Franklin, The Nashville flea market is way better!  (Ryan might kill me for putting this pic because he doesn't like that he's not smiling:-)
The only cool thing there was learning about bees. 

Spring Activities

March and April little girls' birthdays were celebrated.  Instead of Kylie having a party this year, she took her cousins, my mom and Nanny to the American Girl Bistro. They each took one of their dolls to sit at the table with them and each girl and doll got a tiera to wear. Kylie and Charley turned 6 in April and Sawyer turned 3 in March.  
 Pure Joy! The cake was really good that they provide. 
 Kylie is growing up right before our eyes and she is such a joy to have in our family. She is almost always in a good mood and enjoys life. She is beautiful on the outside, but we tell her all of the time that that doesn't matter unless you are kind and beautiful on the inside where it matters! 
 Sawyer and Charley has a joint party at Goofballs with family and friends. 
 I don't even remember why Sawyer was pouting but it was too funny to not capture!
 Cousins is something that we never got to experience growing up since our parents are only children. Wow, did we miss out on a wonderful thing! I love that they get to see each other often and are such good friends. 
 To close out the month of April, some of us girls from church went to the beach for 5 days. It is one of my favorite trips of the year. We definitely enjoy only having to fix meals for ourselves, be responsible for no one else, and sit on the beach all day just talking, reading and eating! Thankful for good friends! 

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Spring Break Camping

The first part of our spring break, Ryan and I took the kids camping with friends. Why do you feel like you have to pack your whole house to camp?! The kids rode in 2 seats because we had to use the third seat for more stuff. We used to ride without seat belts so I figured this was half safe! 
 The first night it was just us with the Watson family and the Karkau's and Terry's would join us Saturday morning.  It was a little colder than we would have liked but we still had a great time. 
Kylie, Braden, Reese, Rylee, Reed and Luke  
 Pictures do not do this bike ride justice. Six adults and 11 kids riding/running on a road is not the safest thing in the world. Of course, our kids are the only ones not wearing bike helmets, but don't be alarmed because this road was on the campgrounds so it is not a main road. There were some hills which made for kids falling off bikes from going too fast, running into the woods to try to slow down or running out of energy pedaling! We're making memories, right?!  
 I'm riding on my bike and turn around to see this sight. Kylie pushing her bike, Lia trying to talke Rylee into getting back onto her bike after getting frustrated, and Laura helping Reed while also pushing a stroller up the hill. I think I got the easy job! 
 Preston, Luke, Braden, Colton, Reed, Rylee, Reese, Callie, Kylie and Maddi
 Mandi doing what she does best: Catching Crawdads
 This was one of my main jobs at night. I was determined to learn some campfire ways of cooking. If you haven't tried this, you must! These even got compared to Cafe DuMonde Beignets! (I think that compliment only came because we were freezing and camping). Seriously though, who knew fried biscuit dough rolled in either cinnamon/sugar or powdered sugar could be sooo good! 
 We also tried making some pies in the pie iron which were also delicious. 
 We brought a lot of wood but there was thankfully extra wood to use all around us. We had to keep a fire going all weekend since it was only in the 40's on Sunday.  
Maddi, Mandi and John Luke trying to stay warm. 
 Make up turned into lion face paint for the girls, I'm sure you have noticed that most pictures all of the girls have on the same pullover every day. I went to Walmart Saturday morning to get a few things and these were only a $1. I had no idea they would wear this all day Saturday, Sunday and Monday! 
 John Luke is 2 going on 10! He is the cutest little thing and 
does just about whatever the "big kids" do. 
 Hudson is probably the best baby I've seen. We hardly knew he was even there and when he was awake, he was just smiling the whole time/
 Ryan and Colton entertaining the circle with a little bit of whip and nae nae! 
 I can't believe that Preston is going to be double digits this year. Where does the time go?
 Braden being a big helper holding Hudson
 John Luke is worn out by the end of Saturday
12 kids: a 9 year old, three 7 year old, four 6 year olds, two 5 year olds, one 2 year old and one 9 month old plus 8 adults. Great memories were made. I will say that as a kid you have absolutely NO idea the work that goes into these trips, but they too will realize some day when they are parents. Makes you appreciate even more the memories that were made while we were kids with all of the hard work our parents put into our trips! 
 The Cheetah girls
 A little minute to win it game trying to get an Oreo from your forehead to your mouth using nothing but your facial movements.
 Thought this was too funny not to share!