Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Birthdays

Charley Rae turned 4 on April 5 and we celebrated at Goofballs. The kids had so much fun at her party! 
 Sawyer Rose is getting so big and walking everywhere! 
 The grannies! 
 They had these bumper cars that would also spin. The kids really enjoyed these and so did the grannies!
The week after Charley's party, we celebrated Kylie's 4th birthday. We just had a few friends over and played some games and ate lunch. The kids really liked playing "Pin the Kiss on the Frog"! Pretty funny to watch too!

Who doesn't love opening presents?! 
Sawyer was over partying at this point. 
These two are best little buds! 

After everyone left, Craig and Ryan played a little bit of basketball. I think Craig got schooled! 
Kylie got this dog purse from Caleb and she carried it around the rest of the day. 
Ryan's parents came in town so of course there was a huge Easter hunt given by Granny Carol. The kids loved getting her to hide the eggs....I think they did this about 4 times. 
 Kylie getting her Birthday spankings' from Uncle Craig! 
On Sunday, we had an Easter egg hunt at church. 
A baby rabbit even came out of its nest for the hunt! 

Monday, April 07, 2014

Sawyer Rose is One!

Kylie doing a little bit of story time before the party. 
Reed, Braden, Charley, Kylie, Gabbie, and Pablo.