Friday, January 30, 2009

The Boys on Ryan's Birthday

If this dog is any indication if our boys will want a dog some day then we will be getting one sooner than later! It just has to be outside!!! Braden would not let this thing go yesterday while he watched his mobile.
I hung out with Reed all day yesterday while my parents watched Braden. I learned about all of his rules for when he comes home and about his medicines. That is a post within itself! I found a new function on my camera that will only highlight one color and turn everything else black and white so I have been playing around with it. Here is Mr. Reed with his sock hand. He will be wearing this all the time it seems like since he loves his tube! Ryan and I went to dinner by ourselves last night for his birthday then he came and had some time with Reed. Look at little Reed just staring at his daddy!
This was Reed when Ryan left last night. He was all tucked in ready for bed!

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD!!! Ryan is 28 today! What better to celebrate his birthday than the boys in UK hats. My dad brought these to the hospital last night.
Reed is still doing great! We think that he will be home at the beginning of next week. He is on some antibiotics till Monday and that is all that is keeping him there.
Notice the sock on his right hand. Reed loves to pull his feeding tube out of his nose!
Braden's outfit says "I'm in Charge." He is until little Reed gets home.
I love when Reed makes this face. He is looking at me like who is this crazy lady holding me!
Please keep praying for Reed. We cannot wait for him to come home next week. I am going to the hospital today to learn all 'the rules' for when he comes home. Reed will be confined to home for 2-3 months but will have doctor visits every Monday and Thursday for the first 6 weeks then once a week for the next 6 weeks then moves to every other week.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Sunday, Jan. 25 - Monday, Jan. 26

It has been one week since Reed's surgery and he is doing great! We used to have to work so hard to get Reed to smile at us but he smiles at us all the time now with no effort! I was talking to one of the nurses yesterday and Ryan said look at Reed. He was just smiling and cooing like he was carrying on a conversation with us!
Look how greasy Reed's hair is in this picture. I gave him a sponge bath and you will notice in later pictures that his hair is now fuzzy. Thanks Rebekah for the mobile you let us borrow. The boys love it! They both just sat in the bed and stared at it for a long time.

They won't take their eyes off the mobile to look at their mom!

Poor Braden just has to go and go! He will be so glad when brother gets home so he won't have to get in the car every day! We are still working on Reed feeding. He has reflux so they started him on some different medicine for this. Dr. Dodd said that this will get better with time and some patience. He will come home with that tube in his nose to help with his feedings. One positive to this is that I will not have to feed him at night and just hook him up to a pump:-) I wonder if I could get one of those for Braden!!! Just kidding!

Here is one of Reed's previous nurses, Deidre. She is hilarious and acts like she is on a constant caffeine kick. We miss her since we have been moved to the 6th floor. Ryan and I have to learn to listen to Reed's stomach to make sure the tube is in the right place. I feel like we could both be nurses when this is all said and done with! Braden loves his Rainforest bouncer. He will just talk to himself and sit in this for a hour straight! Hopefully Reed will love this too when he comes home. Reed is ready to come home!!!!! Hopefully it will not be too much longer...maybe another week.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ten and a Half Weeks Old

Friday, January 23
I cannot forget about posting pictures of Braden!!! He is getting so big. I think he may weight more than Reed now since Reed lost some weight at the end of last week.
"I know that the nurses love Reed but they haven't seen me yet!" "I have big cheeks just like my brother"
"Reed may have big eyes, but I have beautiful light blue eyes!"
" Alright mom, I am done with this photo shoot!"
Reed practicing sitting up with his old NICU nurse, Christy. All of his old nurses come to visit him all the time. He really did win all the ladies over downstairs.
The tube in his nose is for a constant drip of milk that they will continually increase each hour.
Saturday, January 24
The grannies came to visit Reed and Braden today. They both live in Kentucky and had not seen Reed since Christmas. He is just listening to every word that they say.
Masks are required for everyone since it is cold and flu season. I am so glad that we don't have to wear them!
Pat, "Juice" and Lindsay
Reed's Expressions:
Attempt at a Family Picture:
Thanks for Praying!!! Prayer is the reason that Reed has done so well. We are so very thankful to God!!