Saturday, January 24, 2009

Ten and a Half Weeks Old

Friday, January 23
I cannot forget about posting pictures of Braden!!! He is getting so big. I think he may weight more than Reed now since Reed lost some weight at the end of last week.
"I know that the nurses love Reed but they haven't seen me yet!" "I have big cheeks just like my brother"
"Reed may have big eyes, but I have beautiful light blue eyes!"
" Alright mom, I am done with this photo shoot!"
Reed practicing sitting up with his old NICU nurse, Christy. All of his old nurses come to visit him all the time. He really did win all the ladies over downstairs.
The tube in his nose is for a constant drip of milk that they will continually increase each hour.
Saturday, January 24
The grannies came to visit Reed and Braden today. They both live in Kentucky and had not seen Reed since Christmas. He is just listening to every word that they say.
Masks are required for everyone since it is cold and flu season. I am so glad that we don't have to wear them!
Pat, "Juice" and Lindsay
Reed's Expressions:
Attempt at a Family Picture:
Thanks for Praying!!! Prayer is the reason that Reed has done so well. We are so very thankful to God!!


Ericka said...

I am so happy for you and your sweet little guy. After what we went through last summer and the fact that we had a baby the same day as your boys has kept you in my mind so many times. You remain in our thoughts and prayers...

Love, Ericka Maple

sara leftrick said...

Keeley!! great pictures today.
I am so glad to see the Grannies. Reed and Braden will be so busy when Reed gets home! I know that step is coming... Dennis and are praying for that day!
love you all

Nancy (Palmer) Dodson said...

What a thoughtful mom you are to remember Braden and include pics of him on this post. Reed looks stronger and healthier already. And Keeley, you are beautiful! Keep it up! We are still praying!
Nancy (Palmer) Dodson

Kristen said...

I can not get over how great he looks! Their little bodies are absolutely amazing at recovering! God is good!

Jenny Phillips said...

Thank you for being so diligent in posting pictures and stories. We are praying for both of your little boys and are so happy for you that things are headed in the right direction!

The Simmons Family said...

The family picture is very sweet. SO amazed at how well Reed is doing.

Sheena White said...

Everyone at church is so excited and thankful for the prayers that have been answered for Reed. We had a ton of questions from people today. :) I love all the new pics!!! Especially the family pic with Reed looking away and Braden crying! Definatly a memory worth keep. Love yall so much!!

Aunt Sheena

Anonymous said...

I can't get over how great Reed looks.
What a difference...
( heart mom to Hunter -HLHS)

Abigail and Ansley said...

Let's be honest, while our girls are beautiful now, they weren't as "pretty" as your boys are this early on. They are both SO handsome. I guess I thought they would take on their daddy's characteristics early on!! May God continue to bless you guys!