Thursday, June 14, 2012

We LOVE Summer!

Who doesn't love summer?! We are really enjoying these days of playing outside, swimming, VBS, catching lightning bugs, staying up late, sleeping late (in my dreams) and the list could go on and on.
The boys are loving swimming but not loving lessons as much right now. I cannot wait to see what all they have learned on their last day of class tomorrow. I am really hoping that they both learn how to swim by the end of the summer. With their floaties on, they are just about fearless!
Maddi, Mandi and Kylie

Could I have bought the boys any more girly of sunglasses than this?!
The kids are going one day a week to Mother's Day out and they all love their teachers.  I really love my one day to get some stuff done.
 Reed, Kylie and Braden....the boys are 3.5 years old and Kylie is 26 months old now.
We went to spend the day with Nanny for her 87th birthday this past Friday, June 8.
 This past Saturday, we celebrated Colton's 4th birthday. He had such a great party and the kids had a great time!