Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Labor Day and Retreats

Over Labor Day weekend, we went to the farm in Kentucky for a dove hunt! Actually , the guys were dove hunting while the girls watched the kiddos...boy does that sound like the ol' timey days! I have no idea how the kids slept through all the gun shots during their naps. It sounded like it was sleeting inside from all the bullet spray hitting the tin roof.
My brother was all about letting the boys shoot their first gun while we were there. We do teach them that guns are not toys and they are not around them except when an adult is hunting. (they are not sitting around in our house:-) I couldn't believe that none of the kids cried because this gun had a pretty good kick and was really loud.
I wish I had the audio that goes with this picture. After Braden shot the cardboard box, he was saying "BooYa, I got it!"
Here are Reed, Braden and Charley off to fetch the birds....don't worry, they didn't actually touch them.

Reed getting his turn and he wasn't scared at all. The kids then went to collect their "kill"...a cardboard box.
Charley even took a turn...yes, she is only 17 months old and too stinkin' cute. She got to "kill" a tin can!
Cute "little" Luke, Tex and Beth's little boy. He has the cutest chubby legs that I have ever seen.
These pics are kind of random but too funny not to post. I was putting Kylie's hair up one morning and the boys were feeling a little left out! They might make cute little girls!
Church Family Retreat at Henry Horton State Park
This past weekend we went "camping" (in a cabin) with my parents for our church retreat. What is it about hotels/rooms that aren't the kids that makes them want to go crazy. The boys had a blast running and jumping (which they don't do at home) on the beds. We didn't take any toys from home and they had so much fun just being in a new place.

Reed, Preston, JT, Lindsay and Avery eating on Saturday morning some good ol' pancakes
Lindsay, Avery, Juice, Haley, Braden, Preston and Reed getting ready for a day filled with tons of fun stuff.
Braden looks like such a big boy here. He loved to watch the big kids play and kept asking me for his bike. I guess we will request that from Santa.
Kylie Reese sporting my outfit that my mom made for me when I was little. I love how worn and dainty these old outfits are. My mom is so talented!

I need a bucket full of corn at home for endless hours of entertainment!

Madison and Macey

This pic cracks me up. Notice Reed's missing leg. He was doing his class warm-up exercises where they were hopping on one leg. Doesn't it look photoshopped out?!

Playing a little while the kids slept!

Reed thought it was hilarious to dump corn continually on Braden's head. Braden didn't mind at all and they both got a big kick out of it.

They had an old apple press to make cider with for the kids tolearn about. The boys loved this, especially drinking the fresh cider which was so good!

Mrs. Becky with her sweet grandaughter, Maddi

We had a great time and we will be off for a real camping adventure in a few weeks. That should be real fun with all 3 kids in a tent without grandparents there for back-up!!!