Saturday, August 14, 2010

End of Summer

We went to the Williamson County Fair this past Sunday and the kids loved it. I think a lot of people thought that Braden, Reed and Camille were triplets! They had an area where the kids could go through to pick apples, feed fake chickens who layed eggs, brush a sheep, ride a tractor, plant seeds and milk a fake cow.
Milking the "cow."
The kids enjoyed the petting zoo too!
Of course the fairs get you by how expensive all the food and rides are but it is worth it for one time a year! As long as the kids have fun, its totally worth it! Kylie was a little champ because she just rode in the stroller the whole time and then fell asleep..."chubbers" was showing off her rolls!
It still makes me laugh when I see a picture of our family because I still cannot believe that we have 3 kids! Braden, Reed and Kylie bring Ryan and me such joy and we are so very thankful that God has blessed us with them!
It has been super hot here in Nashville so we have enjoyed going to the bounce place twice this week! The boys enjoyed playing with Colton and Harris on Wednesday and going with Nana and Pappa on Friday!!
Braden was a little unsure of the big slides but I kept making him go up it. He just loved running around playing with all the balls. When we went back the second day, Braden was going up the slide and coming down with a smile on his face all by himself! Reed loved sliding!
Sweet Kylie Reese! She is such a joy and a great baby. She has been taking her last bottle this week around 6 or 7 and sleeping until 5:30ish!!! Her little smile just melts us, and she really likes to watch her brothers who make her laugh even though they don't have a clue she is watching them.
She is a paci girl, loves sleeping on her belly, and likes having a blanket by her face when she is getting sleepy. Thank to Aunt Janice and Donna Campbell for the blankets they gave her because she has them all the time!

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Daytona Beach 2010

Sorry for the million pictures below but I have to do this since I turn my blog into a way of scrapbooking! We had a great time in Florida this year and the boys LOVED it but we were sad that Ryan couldn't go with us! The flight there and back was relatively easy and the kids did really good. Kylie and Charley were glad to be at the condo on Saturday. They were too cute looking at each other and trying to talk. A lot of people thought that we had two sets of twins though. Aunt Tina with Charley. Doesn't Charley look like a little doll in this picture?! She will be wearing little pigtails way before Kylie!
As you will see in the pictures below, it is impossible to get a good picture with me and my kids or the 4 kids together. I will have to have a seperate post of just some of the hilarious pictures I snapped trying to get a decent one!
The boys ate a lot on the deck so that clean up was much easier. Spaghetti was not such a great idea though!
Braden and Reed had so much fun on the beach. They loved the freedom of just running up and down. Reed was not afraid of the ocean at all but Braden was my hesitant one. I still made him go each day in the ocean. Its funny how things come full circle because I remember my dad dragging me into the ocean when I didn't want to go. I guess thats how they get over their fears sometimes.
Kylie soaking up the rays:-) She was not outside a lot but she did love the pool. I know some people thought I was mean because I would dunk her under the water so that she is not scared to get her face wet. It seems to have worked with the boys!
Here is a hint for those of you who travel with kids and can't take everything with you...go to consignment stores. I bought te toys below the first day we got there and the best part is that we duck taped them up and brought them back on the plane with us. I bought 2 riding toys, lawn mower, pull toy dog, big metal Tonka truck, and two smaller trucks for $25!
As you can see below that if Reed is on a toy that Braden loves to try and get on with him. It usually results in either Reed just getting off or Reed whining that B is on with him!
Nothing like a screen door so you can "lock" the boys out!!!
The pictures below are from the first night on the beach. Can you tell that they absolutely loved it?!?
They did not mind the sand one bit. I couldn't believe how much sand they had in about any crevice of their bodies. This first picture is one of my favorites from the week because it really shows how much fun they had completely covered in sand!
This wold drive me crazy if it was all over my face! Nanny was reading to Kylie and Reed and Braden was trying to also get in her lap!
The grannies were a huge help. They stayed with the girls while everyone else played outside.
Have I mentioned that it is impossible to get all three of them to look at the camera and smile???We went out to eat ONE night...that's all that I could handle. The boys did not do so hot sitting at dinner. I had my limit when Reed threw baked beans all over Kylie and dropped his cup on Charley. Braden was at the other end with my parents and he was being told nonstop that he was not getting out of his chair. Needless to say, I enjoyed the meals much more at the condo! I guess thats just part of being 21 months old and having to learn!
Sleeping Arrangements: We brought one pack-n-play for Charley and I knew that Kylie could just sleep anywhere. Well, we thought the condo was going to have 2 cribs for the boys but they didn't. I was just going to buy a pack-n-play for Reed but we thought we would try a mattress on the floor for him beside Braden. It worked!! We let BW sleep in the crib because it had metal railings and I figured RW would find a way to get a bruise if he slept in the crib!
One night we came into the room to find RW sleeping in the most uncomfortable position off the mattress under BW's bed...pretty funny!
Kylie slept in a suitcase the first night but I figured she needed more room so she slept on a pallet in the floor and did good.
Braden and Reed were like little fish in the water. They were not scared at all to put their faces in and swim under for a count of 3+ seconds. They also enjoyed jumping in the pool. I cannot imagine how much fun next year will be because this year was a blast!
The beach was part of our day early in the morning and after their naps in the afternoon.
Here are some of my favorite pictures of the kids. I have a new found respect for children photographers! These were from the first night in these outfits... I tried two nights andstill didn't get a great one of all 4 grandkids!
Kylie and Charley in their cute little bathingsuits! Dad trying to sneak in a nap in his spare second!
Reed and Braden trying on Nana's hat!
Night number two trying to get a decent picture!!
The kiddos!
A group of kids had dug a hge hole and the boys really enjoyed playing in it!
Me and my sweet little girl!
Tina and Charley Mom and dad with their grandkids!!!!
And a few more pics.....