Saturday, August 14, 2010

End of Summer

We went to the Williamson County Fair this past Sunday and the kids loved it. I think a lot of people thought that Braden, Reed and Camille were triplets! They had an area where the kids could go through to pick apples, feed fake chickens who layed eggs, brush a sheep, ride a tractor, plant seeds and milk a fake cow.
Milking the "cow."
The kids enjoyed the petting zoo too!
Of course the fairs get you by how expensive all the food and rides are but it is worth it for one time a year! As long as the kids have fun, its totally worth it! Kylie was a little champ because she just rode in the stroller the whole time and then fell asleep..."chubbers" was showing off her rolls!
It still makes me laugh when I see a picture of our family because I still cannot believe that we have 3 kids! Braden, Reed and Kylie bring Ryan and me such joy and we are so very thankful that God has blessed us with them!
It has been super hot here in Nashville so we have enjoyed going to the bounce place twice this week! The boys enjoyed playing with Colton and Harris on Wednesday and going with Nana and Pappa on Friday!!
Braden was a little unsure of the big slides but I kept making him go up it. He just loved running around playing with all the balls. When we went back the second day, Braden was going up the slide and coming down with a smile on his face all by himself! Reed loved sliding!
Sweet Kylie Reese! She is such a joy and a great baby. She has been taking her last bottle this week around 6 or 7 and sleeping until 5:30ish!!! Her little smile just melts us, and she really likes to watch her brothers who make her laugh even though they don't have a clue she is watching them.
She is a paci girl, loves sleeping on her belly, and likes having a blanket by her face when she is getting sleepy. Thank to Aunt Janice and Donna Campbell for the blankets they gave her because she has them all the time!


Christy said...

I love getting to see the picture of the whole family! You guys are such an inspiration to me...when I'm overwhelmed with the thought of twins all I have to do is think about everything you guys have pulled through and you're still sane and smiling :) Give R & B a huge hug from their favorite NICU nurse!

Sheena White said...

These are great! Sweet babies! Reed's hair is soooo blonde now. :)

Anonymous said...

you take the cutest pictures! these kids need to be models for a magazine.....I love seeing them as usual:) We are happy your mom & dad are now part of our family!! Love, The Pauleys

carol said...

These pics are super they are so cute with the animals. And I can't get over how tanned and blond the boys have gotten. Camille might as well be a grandbaby too cause they love her and charley so much. Its good that there able to have so many friends they get along with and litte charley too....Kylie Reese just keeps getting pretttier and prettier. love you all see you in ten days and counting down. lovegrannie carol