Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Random Pics

I cannot resist taking pictures of the boys' "artwork" and "sweet" letters that they create at school and home.  When you read these, you have to really think about phonics and how they learn to spell words. Some of these make me laugh out loud even though they include potty humor:-)
 "I am so sad that our baby has a broken leg because Reed pushed her head" - Braden
 I am with Claire playing soccer.  Claire scored a goal" - Reed
 Braden's work above at school is much neater than at home! 
 "Reed you better tell your mom that I pooted in your face" - Braden
 "Hey Keeley. You are the best mom I had.  You are really good taking care of me.  "
You cook good. It is yummy." - Reed

Trip to Kentucky to see the grannies

Nanny reading Kylie a bedtime story. I cannot believe she is almost 90! 

What happens at home
This is the result of Braden thinking that tripping is a good idea.
What happens when you mom tells you to not go out the front door because the steps are covered with ice. 
Kylie loves to play dress up so I always buy her cheap clothes at the consignment sales that she loves.
She wears these 5 inch wedges around the house and walks better in them than I do. 
I kept Sawyer the other day while Tina, Craig, Charley and my dad went to the SEC tournament. She is so good and easy to keep! 
 The boys had a spring party the same day as their book character day.
This was just an excuse for them to dress up as a superhero! 
 Yesterday we met up with some friends from church and played at the park for 4 hours then walked across the street for Popsicles.  They were worn out when we left there.