Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Times

We decided kind of last minute a few weeks ago to go stay the night with my Nanny in Kentucky while Ryan went duck hunting in Arkansas. We really wanted to do this, but I REALLY needed a break from the kiddos full time:-) 
To make long stories short, here are a few things they did that week to make me finalize the decision to indeed go to KY while Ryan was out of town:
1) While I was cooking, Kylie came upstairs and said "poo-poo," and I said "Oh, you need your diaper changed." Kylie said "NO, Braden poo-poo." So I knew this was not good so I ran downstairs to find Braden and Reed hovered over a wicker basket laughing.  It took just a second for me to realize that Braden had emptied the toys out of the basket and pooped in the basket. I asked him why and his response was "Mommy, I couldn't make it to the bathroom!" Yea right! 
2) Two days later, I thought it would be safe to take a 5 minute shower while the kids played. I come downstairs after and think "Wow, they are all three playing nicely in the playroom." (I should have known bettter!) The first thing Reed tells me is "Mom, Braden did it." Me: "He did what?!" Reed: "Mom, he was just helping me!" Me: "Reed, what was Braden helping you with?" Reed: "He helped me get some syrup!" No more questions from me as I madly rush to see where the syrup was. I looked in the kitchen, nope not that lucky! I did see that the syrup comtainer was COMPLETELY empty on the kitchen counter. As I come out of the kitchen, I notice sticky footprints all  the way down our hallway leading from the den to the playroom. I go into the den and syrup is all over the hardwoods and my rug. Ugghhh! Let's just say that the next words out of Reed and Braden's mouths were "Mommy, please don't spank me!!!" 

So onto where I began....going to Kentucky to relax with Nanny. She welcomed us with a great dinner and delicious homemade sourdough rolls. They are the best!   

Kylie Reese is 22 months old. 
Things that we did while at Nanny's house:
  •  Played in the dog food

  •  Played school with Nanny's pencils and phonebook

  •  Had a dance party

  •  Wrestled with each other before bed

  •  My sweet Nanny slaving away in the kitchen...She will probably kill me for putting this picture of her on here! 

  •  Helped Kylie put on big "girl" underwear...Does Thomas the Train count?! 

  •  Tried on Aunt Tula's hats...She would have thought this was hilarious if she was still here with us. We had no idea the kids found these until they came out with them on. 

  • We went to visit granddad and grandmom on Saturday

  •  Ate lunch at Ferrell's Hamburger 

  •  We always laughed at Aunt Tula's lions in her driveway, but the boys sure do love to ride them! 

  •  We headed back home on Saturday night after a fun weekend in Kentucky with the grannies! 

Oh, by the way, there was one more story that the kids decided to add while we were in Kentucky...
3) While my mom, nanny and I were peacefully eating our banana pudding, the 3 kids were in the hallway playing "Jack be Nimble" jumping over a votive candle. We were listening to them and laughing and them singing the nursery rhyme. The next thing I know is that the 3 are in the bathroom. As I am going to check on them, I hear the potty flush and Braden turns to me and says "It went under the water!"
The next 6 hours, my mom boiled pot after pot of water to pour down Nanny's toilet hoping this would melt the candle and unstop her toilet. Thankfully, her method worked, and we didn't have to call a plumber!