Friday, May 13, 2011

ER and Outside

Well, we had made it about 2 years without Reed having to go to the ER which is a huge praise! A coupld of weeks ago, Reed was coughing a lot during the night then the next day when he woke up from his nap, he was having a hard time breathing. I am not one to rush to the pediatrican but this day I did. Ryan met me there since I had all three kids with me and he took Reed to see the doctor. She decided that he was having stridering croupe and needed a powerful breathing treatment from Vanderbilt. So off we went!
When we got there, several doctors checked him out and some thought croupe but some thought pneumonia. Long story short, they gave him a steriod shot, IV antibiotics, did a chest x-ray, tested his blood and kept us over night to monitor him, . Everything came back normal but his chest x-ray showed some dark spots but didn't think it was pneumonia.
I will tell you that I do not miss being in a hospital at all! We are so thankful for the "easy" road that Reed has had so far and we pray that all of our kids stay healthy!
Now onto more fun and lighter stuff! Kylie is a little mess these days but so much fun. She is pretty tough for a 13 month old and can pretty much hold her own against Braden and Reed. The following pictures need a little bit of explanation. The kids love to go out on the deck and watch Ryan throw this huge ball on the roof and wait for it to come back down. These expressions are Reed and Kylie waiting for the ball to drop. . One of the many reasons the boys love Papa! (Note to self: make sure that the sun is not behind the subject you are taking a picture of:-)
The boys practicing driving the tractor so we can put them to work when they get older!
Thanks to Nanny for coming to help with the kids while I finished up giving final exams. I don't know what we would have done without her.

Braden was very interested in the cicadas when they first came out. That was until he thought one of them bit him! These lovely bugs are everywhere at our house and my parents house. Those of you who don't get to experience cicadas, you are missing a whole lot of noise!

The boys love trying to ride their tricycles. Braden did learn how to actually make his go by pedalling it this week but Reed's legs are still just a little too short for it. Reed does find other ways to make it go though! Reed White at two and half years old!

Braden White at two and half years old!

Kylie White at 13 months old!
The kiddos watching daddy mow the yard.
Random pictures of the boys before bed. They also love to build a fort. This entertained all three of them for a while.
Can you tell that Kylie Reese if full of herself??!!!! Love that little girl!