Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daytona Beach - Pictures

These are just some of my favorite pictures that we got during the week of our families.
Craig, Charley, Sawyer and Tina
Reed, Me, Kylie, Ryan and Braden
The Cousins
Sweet Nanny with her 5 great grandchildren!
These pictures need a little explaining. I was trying to get the kids to smile and was not having much luck. I told Craig to get them to smile. Can you belive that a Full Moon came out during the day??!! I will spare the pictures of that! I got some smiles though!!
Kids getting buried in the sand... Braden, Kylie, Reed then Charley
This is what my dad enjoyed doing while he wasn't on the beach. 
These pictures just make me smile. We had such a wonderful week at the beach and these will always be reminders of that. I treasure each day with all of these kids and am so thankful that we have this time together as a family.
Those of you who have tried to get a good picture of your kids know the frustrations that can come with that. I need to do a post with all of the funny and bad photos I got before I got a decent one!
If you can see on Sawyers face, she got "accidentally" dropped by her sister in the sand. Charley was just not in the mood to get her picture taken this night and Sawyer paid for it:-) Actually, Charley's bottom paid for it right after this picture. Too funny!!!
Braden Paul
Kylie Reese
These two are going to have a lot of fun growing up with each other.
Dad and Craig just watching all of the chaos!
They get rewarded after pictures with a swim in the pool. 

Daytona Beach - Fun Times

We only went out to dinner one night and the others Ryan grilled out or Nana cooked. It is just so much easier to eat at the condo with all of the kids plus they miss out on more play time at the beach when we go out to dinner.
Reed, Charley, Braden and Kylie

Our handsome boys, Reed and Braden 
Papa, Nana, Ryan and Me
Nanny, Tina, Baby Sawyer and Craig
This is the place where we always get my parents picture with the grandkids, but it was a little too sunny for a good picture.
Charley and Kylie ready to swim! Yes, Charley and Kylie are only 10 days apart but Charley is in the top percentile for height for her age. Who would have thought with her parents:-)
Not to forget Baby Sawyer Rose. Here she is playing in a blanket covered laundry basket. This is waht happens when you are the baby of the family with 4 older kids!
What joy for a kid to have no worries in the world other than to decide whether they should build a sandcastle, ride the waves or go swimming in the pool!!
Aunt Tina bought the kids kites but the adults had more fun with these than the kids.
My "Brown as a Biscuit" Reed
I took pictures of the kids a couple of nights on the beach. You know how much they loved doing that!
Tina hanging with Sawyer while she gets a nap on the beach.

Craig was trying to get his exercise in so he pulled Reed and Charley probably 1 mile down and back through the ocean. I think that Reed kicked that whole time too.
So much more fun having Ryan and Uncle Craig to play with in the pool than just me and Aunt Tina!
What trip to Florida is complete without a tie-dyed t-shirt. I figured this is one step above airbrushed
t-shirts:-) They were easy to spot in the airport this way too!