Sunday, August 11, 2013

Daytona Beach - Shark Week

Reed, Kylie, Braden and Charley
Our daily routine was to wake up, eat breakfast, go to the pool then to the beach then back to the pool before lunch even rolled around. 
For some reason, our vacation always fall on Discovery Channel's Shark Week. The even crazier thing is that we sit and watch it after the kids go to bed. This only makes for me being even more nervous and jumpy when the smallest little fish touches my leg. This didn't stop anyone from enjoying the waves especially Reed.
Hands down, Reed definitely enjoys the ocean more than anyone else in our group. If he wasn't riding the waves then he was swimming through the ocean and rarely coming up for breath!
Tina, Nana and Nanny hanging out while the kids played. This is the great thing about having Ryan and Craig come on vacation with us. If we didn't want to get in then we always had them for the kids to play with.
A couple of days the waves were pretty rough. We all had our fair share of the ocean beating us up, but I just happened to catch Charley's on camera! 
She had to go get some sympathy from Nanny about what just happened.
Kylie loves the beach but she was the one who least liked to ride the waves out of the kids. She was pretty content talking to herself or anyone else who would listen while she played in the sand.
Craig, Reed, Ryan and Braden catching the waves.
Below is Kylie, Charley, Reed then Braden

Several days the kids matched with their bathing suits. How cute do they all look?!? To make these suits even better is the fact that I only paid $7 for the girls bathing suits and $5 for the boys. You will be seeing these for several years because I bought the next 2 sizes in them:-)

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