Monday, July 22, 2013

Peaches for You, Peaches for Me

We went in the pouring rain today to pick peaches with my parents. We started the day off by eating at a hole in the wall place in Lebanon called Frankie's. I would definitely recommend it for breakfast! 
Thankfully, the rain held off for the most part while we were picking. 

Kylie is all ready at Pratt's Orchard to pick!
Braden is off with his wagon
It didn't take but 5 minutes before someone was drenched in mud and water. Kylie fell in the mud hole before we picked one peach!
Reed, Kylie and Braden definitely were much better at eating the peaches than picking them.
Reed, Kylie and Braden were good cart pullers too! 
Nanny sporting her stylish Muck boots buying way too many peaches. Seriously, who needs $60 in fresh peaches!
This picture does not do any justice to the conversation that went on between us. She basically just finished peeing in her pants right here. I asked her why in the world she did that and she said "mom, there is NO bathroom out here!!" Well okay Kylie that makes perfect sense to pee in your pants and your boots!
On the way back to check out which resulted in two wet little boys.
Braden first fell because his wagon got stuck.
The kids pouting...
Notice Braden's hands are getting ready to "surprise" Reed...
And the surprise resulted with Reed in the mud!
 That about summed up our day. Now, I have to get to work putting up all of these peaches!


Michael and Hannah said...

I love how you dress your kids... they always look straight out of a magazine! But as pretty and perfectly manicured as they are, they're never afraid to get dirty!! Love it!

China Traveler said...

Precious pictures! Charles and I enjoyed having Kylie in Bible class on Sunday. We tried and tried to think of something we could do with her to pay you and Ryan back for the couple of years of Sundays you sat behind us in worship service making our baby (the wiggling monkey of the family) fidget and laugh out loud throughout church!!!! Good for you, we didn't come up with any ideas but had a precious time with Kylie for the hour!

China Traveler said...

Sorry I forgot to sign the above post. ~Rebecca Dorris

Anonymous said...

you are just the best parents! and I can't say enough about your mom, dad and the grannies! your kids are doing exactly what I did as a child........most mother's don't want their kids to get dirty :)but your kids wallow in mud!!! love it!
Susan P.