Sunday, July 07, 2013

Family Times

Last week, the grannies came to spend the week with my parents. Of course, they have to be doing something or my mom will give them a job so they are not just sitting! Granny's job for the day was shelling runner beans. Kylie enjoyed eating the garden produce much more than helping. 
Kylie is such a joy to our family and can be so funny at times. She can also be a little bossy too! The girl can put away some cucumbers.
Are raw beans really good?!
Nanny getting her some exercise in by puching Kylie nonstop on the swing. I have said it a thousand times but if I live to be as old as nanny, I really hope that I am like her. She walks every day, plays cards with friends, cooks for others, always sees the best in people, works sudoku and crossword puzzles, takes tax classes, plays in the Senior Olympics and the list could go on and on.
Doesn't Braden look so old in this picutre. Where is the time going?
Nanny showing Kylie how to get her dog Murphy to stay and roll over!
Guess who Braden wanted to look like for the day??
The Fourth of July
I don't know about everyone else, but it rained all of the holiday weekend in Nashville. We had plans to go with our church group for a party but it got postponed. We ended up going to Tina and Craig's house to celebrate. Thankfully, the rain held off enough to shoot some fireworks and grill out.
Reed, Kylie, Charley and Braden playing dress up! They have a great time playing together.
Sweet Charley Rae
Kylie and Charley both had pigtails with red bows. By the end of the night, all 4 bows were missing and Tina has yet to find a single red bow in their house!
The poor cousin who gets left out for right now...Sawyer Rose! This little girl better be tough coming into this group of cousins!
You can't celebrate the 4th without some sparklers.
Papa helping Reed shoot some Roman Candles. 
Braden is terrified of fireworks. With his outgoing personality, you would think he would be the daredevil but Reed is definitely that. Once Braden got the earplugs, he was totally fine.
I hope you all had a great 4th of July and thank you to all of those who serve our country for our freedom!!!

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