Monday, July 22, 2013

The end of July

Our class at church was scheduled to have a 4th of July party on the 4th but the weather was so bad all week that it got rescheduled for the 14th. Thankfully the weather was good all afternoon.
Below is CeCe, Taylor, Kylie and Avery. 
Reed going down the slide
Kylie Reese
Andy, Ryan, Jeff and Jarrod played some dunk ball before everyone got there. I think they all still think they are in their 20's! 
They had bounce houses for the kids to play on
Luke and Kylie hanging out. They were so cute together and Kylie was dragging Luke around and telling him what to do.
This past week, we went to Kentucky to visit the grannies. My mom and dad worked in granny's yard fixing her flower beds. Reed and Braden were some good little helpers.
Braden pouting because Reed still had his Pez and Braden had already eaten all of his.
This face is much better on Braden!
Kylie, Reed and Braden
This is a completely randon picture but too funny to not post. Natalie and Amanda came over on Thursday to swim and stayed till almost 4. So we decided to skip naps and play outside until Ryan got home. I was mowing the yards and Kylie was following me around with the Gator. I noticed that she almost hit a tree then a few minutes later she was at a complete stop sound asleep!!!
I am a little bit sad that summer is almost over. It has been a great one so far!!!

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