Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Beach Time

It's that time of year again where we load up all of our crazy kiddos and haul them to the beach for a week. Ryan and I look forward to this week each year because it is so much fun and we make so many new memories with family. 
Reed lying on the luggage conveyor belt after we arrived in Jacksonville, Fl. We have found that flying into this airport is much easier than Orlando then we just drive to Daytona Beach.
Sawyer Rose (17 months old) is the best little thing. She was a crying little baby all of the time last year and this year, she was SO good!
Yes, Kylie's face looks a little weird. This was one day after she got stung by a wasp on her lip. This was much improved from the day before. When Kylie woke up on Saturday morning, Reed said "Kylie, you look like that little boy on the movie UP!" I think she unfortunately inherited my allergy to wasp and bee stings. We both swell pretty badly when we get stung.
We arrived Saturday afternoon and this is about what we looked like all of the time when we weren't outside. Tina and I have decided that we will just pack workout shorts(they stretch so we can eat more), pajama pants and tshirts for pretty much the whole week plus bathing suits and a couple of outfits to go out to dinner in. We, or I mean my mom, cooks a lot of our meals which allows us more time to play and hang out.
Craig, Ryan and Nanny played cards all of the time. Most nights they would play until midnight. My Nanny is such a trooper!
Charley, Braden and Reed watching a movie.
We had great weather all week and it was not crazy hot. The waves were pretty rough the first couple of days due to a hurricane off of the coast but that didn't stop the kids from playing in the ocean all of the time. All 4 kids LOVED to ride the waves and were not scared at all.
I just love the monogrammed bathing suits on the girls even though these are the girls least favorite ones to wear. We are going to make them wear these as long as we can get away with it. 
 One thing my parents and nanny do every day is walk to the pier and back. This is a little over 2 miles and when the kids want to go on their walk this is what happens. Towards the end of the week, the kids just got told they couldn't go on the walk. Who can blame them not wanting to carry kids on their shoulders!
I think we are THAT family that people cringe when they see coming to the pool. There is absolutely NO calmness involved with our kids and even worse when you add Ryan and Craig to the mix. There is a lot of throwing people, cannonballs, sharks and minnows and the list could go on and on for what goes on when we are in the pool. 
Braden Paul (5 years 8 months) 
Who ever thought of the ice cream truck should be one rich person! Who can say no to a $5 snow cone on the beach when you hear that ringing of the truck and kids begging to get one. Life is short so why not! 
One of the two nights that we actually went out to dinner. I love this picture of Reed and Braden! 
Charley and Kylie
We don't let the kids get in the hot tub, but they all wanted to be able to get in. They were only allowed to stick their feet in, but by the end of the week, they were allowed to sit on the first step. Does anyone else besides me think that hot tubs are nasty. Maybe it's just me!
Ryan and his "baby" girl
This picture sequence is hilarious of Kylie. I think that I might be a little twisted because I love to watch people fall about as much as I like to see them get plowed over by a wave! 
Since the boys had Kindergarten testing when they geot back, we made them practice their letters on the beach.  If you know me well then you know that I am totally kidding. My philosophy with a lot of school stuff is "who is a senior in high school who doesn't know how to write, cut with scissors, spell,etc...they will do it when they are ready!" I hope the boys new teacher won't read this!
Notice the drowning child in the background. No, that's just Sawyer! She is a little fish who is not scared at all of the water. She doesn't know how to swim but she loves to go under the water all of the time. I can pretty much bet that she will be swimming this time next year when she is 2!
Ryan and Braden playing ball on the beach with Uncle Craig, who I cut out of the picture for some reason.
 Me and Kylie Reese (4 years, 4 months old)
Ryan burying Braden in the sand.
Nanny (89 years and 2 months old:-) observing and letting me know about every few minutes that one of the kids is in the ocean. She gets a little nervous with the kids and water. She's our little lifeguard!
Reed after he was also buried in the sand.
Mom and Nanny going for their daily walk to the pier, with no kids!  
Charley Rae (4 years, 4 months old)
 Best Buds!
Craig with his girls!
Another awesome sequence of the girls getting plowed by the waves! 
My little brown biscuit Reed Hutchison (5 years, 8 months old)

The ice cream truck that makes a killing off of some ice cream on a stick! 
Uncle Craig just chillin' in the ocean. He definitely needs down time off from work, and we really enjoy that he is able to come this week too! 
Kylie, Braden, Sawyer, Reed and Charley just spotted the "full moon" that God gave Uncle Craig!
I never had cousins growing up but am so thankful that our kids get to experience this awesome blessing! 
Ryan is such a great dad to our kids!! 
Show me your scary face! 
I hope that Nanny is around for several more beach trips! 
Thank you God for this three amazing blessings! 
Hopefully, we will be able to be back again next year and yes in their white shirts for beach pictures. Reed says "Mom, can we please not wear our church clothes on the beach!"
We have been blessed with good health and a wonderful year this past school year. I pray that this upcoming year is filled with many more wonderful memories and good health!