Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Kylie's sweet preschool class
This was Kylie's first year playing softball. She also had a really sweet team. It was definitely a learning year but they all made great progress. 

April Has Come and Gone

I am not for sure why in the world I cannot keep this blog updated like I used to. I should have more time since the kids are in school. I guess I used to do this during that nice peaceful 2-3 hour nap that the kids used to take.
One day in April, we loaded up tons of limbs from the yard and ended up with a big bonfire. Who says that you can't have smores in springtime!
The boys played baseball with several of their friends from church including Colton. Claire, from their school, surprised them by coming to one of their games!
Callie and Kylie have enjoyed hanging out during their brothers' baseball games. Who wouldn't with all of the snacks they get from the concession stand.
I cannot believe these two are getting close to completing Kindergarten. One morning I looked out the door before school and the boys were just sitting talking about life I guess.
Charley's birthday party  
I have really enjoyed car rider pick-up line with this sweet little thing. I am definitely going to miss these times when she joins the boys next year.  
Kylie turned 5 on April 15. We celebrated by taking 9 girls to the movies, pizza and cake after at our house, pinata, then one big slumber party. Ryan and I lived to tell about it :-)

This is how we roll at our house. There is NEVER a dull moment. Reed came into our room with blood dripping down his head with no tears in his eyes. I calmly said "what did you do?" and the boys said "we were just spinning in circles in our room". My response simply was "I guess that you should have stayed in your bed like I told you to" then we proceeded to clean his head up. In the words of a surgeon when he saw his head at church, "He probably needed staples to close it but he doesn't HAVE to". Thanks to my skills, it healed perfectly ;-) The pillow is where Reed laid down after it happened until Braden told him he was bleeding.
Reed at cardiology with a great report. Praise!
My mowing buddy each week!