Saturday, February 06, 2010


Braden and Reed love "to help" me do some chores around the house. I am not for sure what it is about the dishwasher but when they hear that door open, they both come a runnin'!

As you can see, Reed is still walking and learning how to use his hands to catch himself when he trips or when Braden "loves" on him! He is getting much better but he still seems to have a bad fall or two a week which leaves nasty bruises on his head. I think that some of his heart meds. make him bruise easier too.
Braden doing a little dancin in the hallway. When music starts to play, they will both bounce up and down. Hopefully they will have more rythm than their mom and dad.
I think the boys thought that my tupperware cabinet needed cleaning out. If anyone needs something reorganized, I will let you borrow the boys for a day so that you HAVE to clean out your cabinets!
Its amazing what I will let them get into as long as it occupies them for a while. I remember pictures of us when we were little playing in my mom's tupperware cabinet. Not for sure either what is so appealing about plastic!
Braden was going to make sure that he got every bit out!
Reed coming to help Braden get some that was left in the back!
Braden found something he wasn't supossed to have so of course Braden tasted it!
"Are we allowed to do this?"
Braden discovered his old carseat and loved climbing in it.
Reed trying to help Braden get out. He even tried to get in there with Braden.
"Pat, pat brother"
Wouldn't you like to know what they are both thinking!
"Help me get out please"
"I can maybe figure out how to get out of here on my own!"

The boys are so much fun right now but into everything! I have a feeling its only going to get busier. Then we are going to add Kylie to this group!

Monday, February 01, 2010


We had a great time enjoying the 5-7 inches of snow that Nashville got this past weekend. Sunday was the perfect day for sledding...not too cold and sunny.
The first day that it snowed, we were at my parents house because Ryan was moving office locations all night Friday...on his birthday:-( We took the boys out just for a little while Friday night but it was miserable. It was so cold and not to mention the sleet.
Thanks again to the Willefords for their bear suits. These definitely came in handy.
Reed's expression says it all for Friday night..."Really mom? Why do you have me out here in the freezing cold with sleet pelting my face?!?"
Nana can always manage to get a smile out of me though!
Braden on the other hand could not get enough of the snow. He loved it regardless of how cold it was. His nose was beet red by the time we went inside.
This picture was taken right after Nana threw snow in Reed's face to try and get him to laugh....I don't know about you but that never made me want to laugh:-)
A beautiful family picture minus me trying to look like one of the three little bears too.
This is how I always remember dressing up for the cold. You would throw on as many layers as you could and it didn't matter if anything matched or not!
Sunday, we went over to the Willefords for some sledding down their great backyard. We can't take credit for the Tupperware sled but the Crawfords can!