Monday, February 01, 2010


We had a great time enjoying the 5-7 inches of snow that Nashville got this past weekend. Sunday was the perfect day for sledding...not too cold and sunny.
The first day that it snowed, we were at my parents house because Ryan was moving office locations all night Friday...on his birthday:-( We took the boys out just for a little while Friday night but it was miserable. It was so cold and not to mention the sleet.
Thanks again to the Willefords for their bear suits. These definitely came in handy.
Reed's expression says it all for Friday night..."Really mom? Why do you have me out here in the freezing cold with sleet pelting my face?!?"
Nana can always manage to get a smile out of me though!
Braden on the other hand could not get enough of the snow. He loved it regardless of how cold it was. His nose was beet red by the time we went inside.
This picture was taken right after Nana threw snow in Reed's face to try and get him to laugh....I don't know about you but that never made me want to laugh:-)
A beautiful family picture minus me trying to look like one of the three little bears too.
This is how I always remember dressing up for the cold. You would throw on as many layers as you could and it didn't matter if anything matched or not!
Sunday, we went over to the Willefords for some sledding down their great backyard. We can't take credit for the Tupperware sled but the Crawfords can!


MereSpeckClayton said...

i love the bear suits! are you wearing one too?? geez your so tiny! :)))) cant wait for dinner!

Vanessa said...

very cute little bears! I need for you to post some pics. of you and your belly. I haven't seen you in so long!

Sheena White said...

So cute! I love their bear suites :)

Michael and Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, those bear suits are adorable!! My poor kids have never seen snow. If we did get snow though, I would definitely have to get them bear suits!

Natalie said...

That picture of Reed pouting at you is priceless! There outfits are too stinkin' cute too!

carol said...

Some cute bears glad they were not hibernating. no matter what you do to them they are so cute. glad its you and not me. I'll be the one to hear them say gosh gram do you see what we wore an what we did. it will be so funny... to say yep thats what moms do.. you wait till you have kids...