Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I hope you all are having a wonderful Christmas Eve. We just got home from my parents house for Christmas Eve dinner. I will have more pictures next week with the actual Christmas weekend events! Here are some pictures from the last couple of weeks leading up to Christmas.
December was a very hectic month with finishing up the semester and my dad having sextuple(6 for those of you who don't know anything past quadruple..ha)) bypass heart surgery. My dad is doing well and thank you all for the prayers!
Breakfast with Santa at our church. The kids didn't cry and really did not have much emotion for Mr. and Mrs. Claus. I think they were just in shock!
I took some pictures to use for our Christmas card this year at my brothers' farm. I ended up getting a few that were decent to use. The boys and Kylie really enjoyed the horse and were not scared at all. I think Kylie would have gone on in to 'play' with the horse!
I love this picture of Craig having a little talk with Reed. They love him because he drives them on the big tractor!
Kylie seems to like to crawl under anything she can get under these days. You would think that I would remember what each stage has in store since I just did all of this with the boys, but I cannot seem to recall anything! I guess it is all a blur!
We love hats.....
The kids in their church clothes this past Sunday. They all had a stomach bug this week and Sunday was just the beginning. Right when we got home from church, the kids watched "The Farmer in the Dell" but it quickly turned into a wrestling match then the crying game:-)
I took the kids one day this past week to Bass Pro...this is what my buggy looks like when I am by myself. They did great and loved the fish tank, choo choo train, the big bear, and santa!

Stay tuned for the real Christmas pictures...Have a Very Merry Christmas tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Prayer Request

Please keep my dad in your prayers tomorrow. He went in last week for his heart checkup that he does every 3 years. They knew that there was a blockage then so they had him go in for an arteriogram yesterday. We were hoping that a stint would fix the problem but come to find out he needed quadruple heart bypass surgery. He is scheduled for surgery first thing tomorrow morning. We are so thankful that the doctors caught this before he had a stroke or heart attack and see this as a huge blessing. However, surgery is always a little frightening but we know that the "Big Man" upstairs has great plans! Thanks for the prayers!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Birthdays and Thanksgiving

Ryan's friends from college came to visit a couple of weeks ago and brought the kiddos presents. Braden, Reed and Kylie are going to love Christmas this year or at least more than last year! Below is Reed, Kylie, Emil and Braden...way too hard to get 4 kids to look at the camera
One Saturday morning, we were watching the Food Network and they were doing a behind the scenes on donuts so we decided that Krispy Kreme was calling our names! The boys enjoyed watching the donuts being made but didn't really like eating them! I am sure if Kylie could she would have eaten one:-) No, that was not a fat joke!!!
The Birthday Boys and Girl!!! We did a joint birthday party at Pump It up for our boys' birthday and Camille's. Sweet little Camille had a double ear infection this day so she was not really loving all of the activities. I felt so bad for her but at least everyone else had a good time:-)
My full of energy little Braden is now 2! I cannot believe that they have been here for 2 years already. It seems like yesterday but also like forever ago when they were born. Here are a few things about Braden that I need to remember for his baby/blog book:
  • Braden loves tractors, lining up his cars and trucks
  • Repeats everything and is really trying to make sentences now but definitily puts 3+ words together all the time
  • Shooting ball with daddy
  • Running from the time he wakes up until he goes to bed
  • Knows his whole name plus his brother and sister
  • Adores his papa
  • Has to have his chocolate rabbits to go to bed
  • Loves to love on Kylie and make her laugh
  • Can jump higher and run faster than most 2 yr. olds I know
  • Little harder to discipline because he thinks standing in the corner is funny and if you spank him, he will laugh or act like it doesn't bother him:-)
  • Joy to be around and has a smile that lights up a room

Our little miracle heart transplant baby, Reed, is now 2 years old! Wow, he has come so incredibly far these past couple of years. We are so thankful for the health that he has been blessed with and we pray that he continues to do well and have no complications! Here is a little about Reed and things that he cand do and loves:

  • Knows his whole name even though Hutchison is a little hard to say plus Braden Pauland Kylie Reese
  • Loves to read his Elmo book and books about shapes
  • Knows the difference in a circle, oval, triangle, rectangle, square, heart and star
  • Knows a lot of his colors
  • Enjoys playing with trucks and tractors
  • Likes to wrestle with daddy and long as no one is smushing him!
  • He is tender hearted and it hurts his feelings when he gets in trouble
  • Adores his nana but loves for papa to take him on the tractor, lawnmower and bulldozer
  • Has to have his paci but he has bitten the tip off of all of them and still wants them
  • Not quite as energetic as Braden but plays until he is ready to crash
  • He can also say about anything you ask him to and puts three words together

Charley is crawling now and Kylie is trying to follow her but cannot quite get there yet. It won't be long though!

Mom and dad entertaining the girls. I don't think Kylie slept much this whole day...she was afraid that she might miss something.

All the kids that were able to come to the party. I think they all had a great time and I think a lot of the dads had more fun than the kids! It was definitely nice not having to clean my house, cook a lot of food, and clean up after the party:-)

My granny gave the boys their first red tricycles! Reed was past going and pretty much asleep in the car already but Braden was still going full steam. Uncle Craig was showing him how to ride it in the parking lot! The next day after their party, they tested their tricycles out some more. I think they are going to really love these next summer!

Is anyone expecting a package??!!!

Where do I begin with sweet KylieReese:

  • She is now 7 months old
  • Still a really good baby
  • Sleeps through the night
  • Loves her some baby food!
  • Watches everything her brothers do
  • Trying to crawl but somehow manages to get from one point to another
  • Has to sit with no baby beside he in the bucket seats at church because she pulls the other kids clothes and takes their can tell she has 2 "older" brothers
  • Plays really well by herself
  • If she is fussy, she's either hungry or ready for bed
  • Wears mostly 9 month clothes
  • 90th percentile for weight and 65th for height...her brothers have never toppped over 5oth for anything:-)
  • I love this little girl!

For Thanksgiving this year, we went to the cabin in Kentucky and just spent it with our family, my mom and dad, Craig, Tina, Charley and Nanny. It rained just about the whole day which was no fun for the boys!

This picture does not do any justice to Ryan showing off in his camo. He was putting on a dance for my mom and nanny! Last year, he discovered that he loved duck hunting and this year he has decided that he likes to deer hunt. He, Craig and my dad went hunting that afternoon but didn't kill anything. It was a nice, relaxing Thanksgiving day!

Cousins! Poor little Charley and her bows...Kylie had just pulled her bow out in this picture then they somehow ended up in a wrestling position! (yes, Kylie also blew out her diaper in the second picture)I hope you all had a wonderful November and now it's time to enjoy the Christmas season...I LOVE it!!!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Our Life is a Zoo...Sometimes!

What else would be fitting for our family right now other than zoo animals! This pretty much describes what some days feel like with 3 little ones under tha age of two but I wouldn't have it any other way!
Braden the zebra, Kylie the pink elephant and Reed the lion.
Braden was ready to get this costume off! I don't know why though ...who doesn't love having a hot suit on with a huge head of a zebra hanging over your head!
Has anyone seen my chubby little pink elepant?!!!
Is this face not too cute?! I love little Camille or "mille-mille" as the boys call her. Martha Lynn didn't look too bad either dressed up as the girl version of Peter Pan:-)
Where do I begin with sweet little Macey's great expressions!!! I just love when she gives me this look because it reminds me so much of how Braden would look at people when they were new to him. It just makes me laugh to see her do this because it is so not her personality once she warms up to you. She will look back on these pictures one day and laugh!
Camille, Macey and Madison.
Braden couldn't decide which sucker that he wanted first. He actually was not the one who ate candy the whole time... Big skinny Reeed did!
I have no idea why in the world I try to attempt a family picture at these things or as a matter of fact ever attempt one! We are getting professional pics done this Wednesday and I am not expecting much. If we get one good one, I will be elated!
Wright makes such a cute little puppy dog with his dad and mom, Ingle and Jennifer.
Benton was a much happier lion than Reed was at times. What a life to get pulled around by his mom and dad, Amy and Matt, all night!
Kylie Reese already has that daddy of hers wrapped! I would never have thought that I would have seen Ryan wearing camo but I love it! He now thinks that he wants to go deer hunting in addition to his duck/dove hunting. However, he doesn't think that he is going to be the one cleaning the deer (if he actually shoots one) but I told him he HAS to clean what he kills:-) Sorry, I just went off on a tangent..back to Halloween!
My little zebra seeing what's in his pumpkin and the little lion eating more candy!
Kylie trying to give mommy a kiss. This little girl is not her quiet, calm self that she used to be:-) She has definitely found her voice and loves to scream. I could hear her in Target clear across the store while my mom was pushing her around. Oh no, is she going to be loud like me??!!
Maddi went as a duck and her brother, Preston was the hunter. What a cute idea!
Pappa getting wrapped by Kylie too!
A failed attempt at getting these three to sit and smile for a picture! Camille was the good child sitting and smiling and not trying to escape!

Another great Halloween and many more to come with the three little zoo animals...hopefully no more animals will be added to our zoo any time soon! Ha!!!