Monday, June 17, 2013

Having Fun

My mom and I took the kids to Kentucky for my Nanny's 88th birthday last week. The kids get a little bored being inside for too long so they decided to go outside and play in Nanny's yard. While we were cutting limbs in her front yard, my nanny comes around her house and says "you all need to come see this." Low an behold, these three will always find water or dirt or both wherever they are! I can definitely say they always have a good time. 
If you are looking for something to entertain your kids for quite a while, buy some washable craft paint.  This all started beause we had some extra cardboard and I thought "Let's let the kids paint on it, they would love that!" Well, the cardboard served more as a place for them to sit to paint themselves and each other. Don't be fooled by this picture of them so peacefully painting themselves. The following pictures progressively get worse!
Of course, Kylie is painting "makeup" on her face.
I want to just freeze these three kiddos in time right now.  Time is just passing by too quickly it seems but we are so very grateful for each and every day! 
Reed giving Braden some highlights in his hair.
The cardboard eventually tunred into a place to play slip-n-slide with paint.
Braden and Reed showing their muscles!

 Little Miss Personality, Kylie Reese, is one funny kid who is such a girly girl but also loves to get dirty.
All of this paint just washed right off with the house.
Kylie and Braden
Braden and Reed 
I never realize how much I dislike winter until summer rolls back around. I think I would be totally fine with two seasons, spring and summer:-)