Monday, February 10, 2014

Adventures of 2014

People sometimes ask what life is like with 3 kiddos that are really close in age. The best way to describe our family is there is NEVER a dull moment. We have great days, funny days, sad days, whinny days, and just thankful days. I am pretty laid back with the kids as far as what I let them do or try when we are playing at home. Don't take that the wrong way but I do try to let them enjoy life and explore for themselves. Sometimes their explorations end with their bottom being spanked though:-) This also results in some funny situtations and sometimes not so funny. You can be the judge of that! 
More of the funny situations are towards the end of this post!
Kylie Reese being her silly self. This girl is a true delight to Ryan and me. She is not lacking of any drama and loves to read and sing to her babies. It sure is a nice breath of fresh air to balance out these little boys! I think that she might be a future hair stylist. She loves to brush hair, put make-up on and paint nails anytime someone is willing to be her "client". My mom is the best client there is!
Avery, Katie, Kylie and Maddi going on a desert walk at church.
Adventure #1: Gum in the hair. Reed from the back of the van "Mom, Braden stuck something sticky in my hair!" Not sure why he felt the need to do this but peanut butter works like a charm!
Happy Days: Ryan's "Big Black (or purple) Jacked Up Truck(or Jeep)" cake that the boys felt he needed for his 33rd birthday!
Thankful Days: Getting a great report from his 3rd heart cath in January. He will not have to have another one Lord willing for 3 more years. What a praise!!!
Great Friends: CeCe, Braden, Lola, Mia, Kylie, Reed and Camille
Adventure #2: Playing in the potty. This was the picture I captured after I had witnessed Reed sticking his head in the potty. I ran and got my phone and came back to find this. They thought it was hilarious to dunk their heads in then feet. Thankfully the water was "clean" but this resulted in a spanking then 6:30 bedtime. That's a win for me!
Adventure #3: How many bows can you get in your hair?

Excited Days: Nana and Papa got a puppy and Kylie is SO excited about Gunnar!

Days that Hurt: This is what happens when you miss a step and your nose catches you on the front of a wooden step. Thankfully it was not broken but definitely caused Braden to look a little different.

Fun, Outside Days: Even though it was freezing outside, they insisted on playing outside and hunting Easter eggs. Kylie didn't think it was cold at all so she went out bare footed. This is a time when I let them decide for themselves. I make it known that they are crazy to go out without shoes but it's their choice!
Mommy/Daughter Dates to Dunkin:
Fun Days at Work: This has nothing to do with my kids but too good to not document. This was a prank that some of my Senior college students played on me at school. This was over 800 Post-It notes decorating my office. Pretty creative, don't you think!
Adventure #4: Indian Paint. Their explanation for this was that they wanted to look like Indians. Thankfully this was washable markers.
We try to truly enjoy each day with the kids whether it be a happy, sick, funny, stressful, whinny, blessed, tired etc. kind of day. We love these kids and so thankful that God chose Ryan and me to raise them.