Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Poor B has had a rough week. It started last Thursday when he had a double ear infection. When I picked him up at my parents after my first day at school, he was sitting in my mom's lap holding his rabbit and his basketball. He was pitiful. He did not want to be put down at all which is not like him.
Then on Friday, we went to Target and that is when I realized that his face was breaking out with these red bumps all around his mouth. Well, when he woke up on Saturday morning the bumps looked worse and he had some on his hand that looked like blisters and some all over his body. We ended up taking him to the doctor and he had "Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease."
This is highly contagious and presents itself with a low grade fever and red bumpers and blister around the mouth, hands and feet. Believe it or not, Reed still has not come down with anything and its been almost a week!!!!!!
If that wasn't bad anough, Braden threw up 3 times on Monday then twice that night. Needless to say, I was ready to go teach math yesterday:-)! Thankfully, he is feeling much better this morning.
Partners in Crime
Thanks Granny Carol for our new pj's. We love them! Right before bedtime is about the only time that you can hold both boys for longer than one minute! The love when Ryan gets home from do I!
No one told me that little tantrums start at one year old. We went to our weekly Publix trip and the bagger decided to give the boys balloons. They loved them until Reed let his go in the parking lot. This resulted in Reed being mad in the car b/c Braden still had his. Well, we get home and the last standing balloon becomes the source of a little fight between brothers. Needless to say, the balloon ended up on the counter where neither one could have it!
We finally had warm enough weather where the boys could go outside for a little while. How I long for warm days!
As you can tell, Reed is walking but still has a few run-ins with the hardwood floors. I really think that he needs to wear a sports headband to cushion those falls. I guess this is just part of learning to walk.
If I'm ever in need of a break, the bathtub is a great place to resort to. These boys LOVE to play in the bath. All you have to say is "do you want to take a bath" and they both take off to our bathroom. I am thinking that the beach will be a lot of fun this summer.
The White boys in their Titans jerseys. This is what Ryan pt them in Sunday while went to church!

Friday, January 08, 2010

Ok, so this picture makes up for all the mischief these two get in to!

Saturday, January 02, 2010

Christmas 2009

This is what Santa left for the boys. Santa kind of cheated and used some of the presents that had not been set up from their birthday (thanks Willefords and Khorings for the basketball goals)! They both enjoyed Christmas but I know that next year will be a whole other ballgame as far as their excitement goes.
We spent the night at my parents house so Christmas Eve turned into Santa's workshop. Why do they not make these toys pre-assembeled?!? We gave my dad the hard jobs!
Nana entertained the boys the night before Christmas. They both enjoy books but Braden LOVES books. He will pick them up all the time and bring them to someone to read to him. I hope this interest sticks!
This was the boys right when they discovered what Santa left for them. Braden has never played with a basketball goal and this was the first thing he did. He somehow knew that the ball was supossede to go in the goal.
Ryan found these Lindell White Titans jerseys for Reed and Braden. Pretty nice to already have a player with their last names on their own Titans jerseys.
This is what Reed looked like by the time the gift opening began. Needless to say, a nap came shortly after.
Uncle Craig and Aunt Tina bought the boys way too much stuff but they love it all. One of their favorite things is their John Deere riding tractors. This will prepare them for mowing our yard later on!
And we're off!
Nanny bought the boys their first red wagon. It was soooo cold on Christmas but we couldn't resist taking them out. Braden was not very happy here because he had fallen on a book right before we went out. I think that they are going to love this by their reactions even in the freezing cold.
Uncle Craig was a great wagon puller or should I say runner. Braden ended up on the floorboard of the wagon. I think he might have felt a little safer there! Aunt Tina bought them these super cute tobogans too!
Nanny reading to the boys.
Thanks Aunt Janice and Uncle Robert for the boys' new coats. They are so cute! Reed couldn't stop staring at Braden's head trying to figure out what was on it!
R and B climbing up our front stairs. They really like to climb stairs and B has gotten really good about coming down them too. I am sure Reed will learn from watching Braden.
After Christmas, all of us went to the grocery, including Ryan. Publix is usually a place that I take the boys when I am at home with them by myself. That's really bad when the grocery becomes a place to get out to! Well, Ryan definitely looked like a first time dad. I think he took 10 pics of the boys while we were in the grocery....gotta love it though! They still love bathtimes! It is a rare occasion for them to go a day without a bath. That is not because we love giving them but it is so much fun watching them play in the tub. They love the water! Notice Reed's bruise on his head. He has been walking unaided this week!!!!! He walks pretty slow but sometimes still manages to fall and not use his hands to catch himself.
Braden has really loved aggrivating Reed by taking his paci from him. He not only takes it, but will look at Reed and stick it in his own mouth as to say "ha, ha, I took your paci!"
We are staying at my parents this weekend because Ryan went with some friends on his first duck hunting trip in AR. My parents have two sets of stairs so there are baby gates everywhere. This picture was taken with me at the top of the stairs and Reed at the bottom looking up thinking "let me in this gate please!"
Braden was shaking the gate trying to get though.
My parents are putting hardwoods in the upstairs of their house but my dad wanted to save some money by putting the flooring on the stairs in by himself. This is him trying to work while
Braden shows him a spoon he has. It will be amazing if he gets them done by Monday when they are coming to sand and stain the floors with Reed and Braden around all the time. Papa loves the attention though!

We hope you all had a very Merry Christmas and that 2010 is a blessed year for your family!