Thursday, October 04, 2012

Princess Party

Last weekend, Kylie got to go to Reece and Rylie's 3rd Birthday party. All of the little girls were dressed up as little princesses and looked so cute. Lia did such a great job decorating everything and the girls had a great time.
Ryan was "mortified" that the weekend before this party Kylie went to another princess birthday party without a princess dress on. So I got instructions from him that Kylie must have something to wear for this party:-) Ryan is already wrapped way too tight around this little girl's finger!
Poor little Luke was the only boy at the party since it was his sisters' party. I told him that he should have gone to hang out with Braden and Reed instead of at the princess party. Isn't he too cute?!
Macey, Madison and Camille
Nothing like climbing up a climbing wall in a pink tutu!
Callie Ann and Callie Karkau looking too cute in their dresses. I am so thankful that Kylie has so many great girls that are close to her in age at church. All of these litte girls come from great parents that will also help keep our kids accountable!
The birthday girl Rylie on the left and Callie Ann
Damsels in distress...Addison, Camille and Callie
I told the girls that we were going to have a "ball" and the prince was going to dance...anything to try and get them to sit still for one minute for a pic
Maddi, Macey, Madison, Callie, Rylie, Addison, Kylie and Callie Ann
How great is that castle cake?!
Kylie couldn't wait to open her princess party favors! I don't know who she thinks she is with those big girl sunglasses on.
My little girl is growing up too fast. She is so much fun to be around and the girl talks all day long! I went to lunch with just her the other day and I felt like I was at lunch with an adult. She carried on a conversation the whole lunch. She adds such joy to our family and I am so thankful that God blessed us with a little girl!