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Friday, January 15, 2016

All I Want for Christmas...

Braden and Reed only wanted sports jerseys for Christmas so Santa pulled though.  No one got a "big gift" this year, but they each got what they asked for.  It's such a nice reminder because Ryan and I were thinking they didn't get anything "big" but the kids were so excited.  I hope they stay this way:-)    
Santa brought the boys pennants to hang in their room which they loved! Braden wanted a Memphis Grizzlies stuffed animal, but I was so sad because the only one that I could find is that tiny thing you see beside the KU banner.  
 Reed got pretty much the same as Braden but he requested a Marcus Marriota Titans jersey and a camo snake.  I would say that he was so excited about the camoflauge snake, and he has slept with it every night since. 
 5 day old cookies for Santa that Kylie helped decorate. Good thing we did those ahead of time because Christmas Eve night is always busy. 
 Kylie wanted an American Girl doll but she asked for McKenna. Well, Santa had to tell her that McKenna was retired and that she needed to find another one that she liked. Thankfully, she likes them all and really doesn't care.  The rest of her stuff was crafts, pajamas, legos, and games. 
 This year Jattle had a friend who happens to be a girl show up at the beginning of the year. Her name is Elfie and she had to come because Jattle was playing in a football championship game: North Pole vs. South Pole. This was mainly because I had hidden Jattle so well last year that I could not find him anywhere. I, of course, bought a new one and found him the next day. That's how it works, right?! 
 Our tree thankfully stayed up the rest of the season! 
 This santa is one that I painted but kind of like him with my white tree. This tree had mostly ornaments with the kids pictures on them or salt dough ones that they had made. 
 The days of cure matching pj's are over, or I've gotten to where I don't care! This is what they looked like minus Kylie's bow when they woke up ready to see their gifts. 
Braden also wanted a Rubix cube. Who knows why because those things are so hard!
 Can't you tell she is excited?! 
 A new baseball glove that Santa happened to make sure was in Kansas colors.
 One of the most fun things this year was that each kid was able to really pick a gift for their sibling without us having to tell them what to buys. 
Kylie bought both boys a Lite Brite so they would have one like hers to light up at bedtime, 
Reed bought Braden a big lego set and Kylie an art set.
Braden bought Reed a UT t-shirt even though it took everything in my being not to say no! Braden also bought Kylie a lot of makeup and a bag to put it in. 
All of their gifts were so thoughtful and exactly something they would each really like.
 Ryan is not the easiest person to buy for but that's because neither of us really need anything. You can't go wrong with Under Armour stuff and dress socks! 
 I highly recommend doing this for a gift if you are ever in need of a good idea. I ordered Kylie and Charley fleece picture blankets. I ordered theirs off of because you could use as many pictures as you wanted too. The girls blanket was full of pictures of family and friends and hopefully something they will enjoy using and looking at. I also ordered the grannies each one but theirs from Shutterfly was a tiny bit better quality but you could only choose 8 picures. They all loved these! Be sure to look for Groupon if you use or a coupon code for Shutterfly. 
 I think Santa brought this for Ryan instead of the boys:-)
After Christmas at home, we headed to my parents for brunch and more gifts. 
Whether you are 90 or a kid, there is never a dull moment with this family. Nanny decided to carry a suitcase up my parents hardwood stairs on Christmas Eve, and she caught her toe on the top step and face planted forehead first on the ground. There was a lot of blood, bruising and 10 stitches later she was ready to celebrate. 
 This picture deosn't quite describe my granny as she is now but definitely depicts what a beautiful woman she is even at 88! Granny suffers from dementia and is not doing great but hey, what do you really expect at 88?!! My nanny is quite the exception for an "elderly" person. I have witnessed my parents through many trials and this is another trial that is teaching me what we are called to do as parents, children, daughters-in-laws, etc. Ryan and I laugh and tell my parents that they would have already been in a nursing home by now! 
 Ryan and I getting ready to eat some good food. 
 Papa and Nana slaving away in the kitchen for all of us. 
 Reed, Charley, Kylie, Braden, and Sawyer, aka Rosie! 
 Gathered at the table in prayer before breakfast. We are so grateful for another year of good health and family still together. You never know what the next year will hold or if someone will still be gathered around this table, but each year that we are, I am thankful! 
 The kids all opened their gifts first then the "adults" opened theirs while the kids played downstairs.
 Charley opening her collage blanket. 
 Now, some of you will think that we are terrible grandchildren and this is not appropriate but life is too short to not have good laughs and fun. Nanny, I know you are looking at these pictures thinking "I can't believe Keeley put these on there" so for that I'm sorry, but you are way too cool of a Nanny at the age of 90 who has an awesome sense of humor and truly enjoys life that I want our kids to remember you for that when you are gone. 

Now, Tina and I thought it would be funny to mix up Nanny's gifts and mix good gifts with gag gifts. There were some really funny ones but I did use my better discretion and choose to not put those on here. You're welcome Nanny! 
Yes, that is Craig putting a pair of hot pink thongs on this Nanny. The funny part was that she wore these the whole time opening up her presents!
Tina holding up another gag gift. These are just some decorative tassels! 
I love this picture because with Granny's altered mind, she still knows this is funny!
My dad thinking to himself "I know I taught these kids better!"
 I hope your family had a wonderful holiday season and praying for a great 2016!