Wednesday, January 13, 2016

The Christmas Beginnings

Well, if you know my mother, you know that she warped me to think that decorating the first week of November is totally okay!  I had several parties at our house during December, and this is what happened late one afternoon before we were having people over. I was at home by myself, sweeping around the tree, which I had just fully watered, and it fell over out of nowhere. It was 3/4 decorated when it fell over, and water went gushing out breaking several glass ornaments, but the ornaments that I care about did not break! Thank goodness for preschool crafts that don't break! It was a site if someone would have recorded me getting this 9 foot fat tree up by myself. Tis' the Season!   
December is always crazy busy but I love this time of year. The first weekend in December, we had Breakfast with Santa at church then our class party that night at the Calendine's house. The kids really enjoyed doing the crafts and getting their faces painted at the breakfast. 
Reese and Braden...they look too old in this picture
Kylie and sweet Avery
 Mr. and Mrs. Claus were great and she happens to be my 7th grade teacher back in the day! 
 At the Calendines, the face painter was pretty talented. Who can just paint a Jayhawk?! 
 "One Starry Night" program that the kids performed in twice at church. The first night is for the church and the second night is when we host 400+ homeless to come for dinner.  The boys has speaking parts and they did a good job. 
 Kylie's first skating attempt and birthday party for her friend, Emory at school.
Kylie, Allie Grave and Stella
 Gingerbread houses and school parties
 After their last day of school before break, we went to the mall to eat lunch and get their picture made with Santa. I love school breaks and having them home! 
 Ryan and Reed during the Christmas singing at church. 
 My little math nerd practicing his multiplication.
 Shopping with these three is never dull! 
 They wanted to give papa a UK ornament before Christmas to put on the tree. 
More Christmas pictures to come!

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