Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Costumes and Birthdays

There is no reason that I should be this far behind on keeping this up to date. But my main excuse is that our computer has crashed and won't even let me log into the desktop. I did get a new computer for Christmas so I can at least update from my phone pictures.
Lucky Ladd Field TripKylie has adjusted well to Kindergarten but would definitely choose to stay home over going to school.  She has the sweetest group of girls in her class, and I am so thankful for that. This is one of her friends, Allie Grace whose mom went for the two of us because I couldn't go.
 Pumpkin Patches, Family Retreat, and Halloween 
In October, we stayed busy with fall break, pumpkin patches, family church retreat, and Halloween parties.  We had beautiful weather for the month of October. Most days did not even feel like fall.
 Gavin, Reed, Colton, and Braden at BHCC
 Colton, Braden, Reed, Harris, and Caden at Trunk or Treat at Woodbine
 After our church trunk or treat, the first grade boys did the devotional for the church led by David Karkau. They did a great job reading scriptures and leading prayers!
 On Halloween night, Ryan and I went with friends to trick-or-treat in their neighborhood. We also ate good food and did fun crafts at Mrs. Deshea's house.
 7th Birthday for Braden and Reed
How can it be that its been 7 years with these amazing little boys. We are so proud of these two and they are a complete joy to Ryan and me.  They both LOVE sports, playing basketball 24/7 inside and outside and that's about all right now.  Braden is still our tender hearted child that is definitely the protector of Reed and Kylie. Braden is the quieter of the two when it comes to new situations but he makes friends very easily.  He definitely gets the competitive gene from Ryan and I.   Reed is our funny child that is probably the most social in public, and he can tell you most basketball scores from the previous week and even from a year ago. Math seems to come pretty easy for both boys right now, and they are excellent readers. They have done well so far in 1st grade and haven't had much difficulty this far. I know that can change any year but we'll take it for now!
Kylie got to go one night to see Cinderella at Tpac with friends: CeCe, Camille, Reese, Madison, Macey, Kylie, Charely, Callie, and Rylee.
 Macey and Reed, having a little conversation and playing the staring game after Sunday school.
 Kylie Reese is another joy to have around. She is pretty easy to raise right now, but I know this too might change in the future! I can't imagine our family without her. She seems to bring a sense of balance to all of these boys. She is all girl and wants to play school, paint fingernails, cook, color, craft, etc. She is definitely my child maybe minus the cooking part!
 The kids still love outside and playing in the mud. It was a sunny, warm day in mid-November and we went over to my parents for the boys' birthday. They ended up in the depths of the mud. They had so much fun that the boys came out an hour later and bother of them had lost their shoes in the deep, deep mud. I think we still are missing one of those shoes.
 Happy Birthday sweet boys!
 Gatlinburg with the Crawfords
 Ryan is coaching the boys' basketball team and doing a great job. They have yet to win a game but learning some plays and how the game works. This is way harder to learn than softball for kiddos! Braden can handle the ball well, in my humble opinion, for a 7 year old. Reed hustles after that ball and doesn't let his shorter height stop him from shooting the ball. 
These three are such blessings that God has entrusted to Ryan and me!!

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