Friday, January 03, 2014

The End of 2013

After our church service before Christmas...
Why not climb a tree in your white dress and pantyhose?!
 Kylie LOVES to take pictures with my good camera.
She is actually getting pretty good at it but not necessarily with these pictures!
Christmas Eve at my parent's house for dinner
Is it normal that all of my kids love to eat frozen peas?!
Christmas Morning!!!
Daddy enjoying watching our kids see their presents from Santa!     
Then we headed to my parents to have Christmas.
The grannies cooking our brunch. Don't they look great for their age!  
Our Family! Grateful for a wonderful 2013!
Another one of Kylie's pictures.
I think she forgot to ask Braden to smile!
Nothing like topless Christmas brunch...for the kids!
Can we say, overboard with the presents. This is what happens when there are 5 grandkids with Nana, Papa, Nanny, Granny, Craig, Tina, me and Ryan to buy for them. I know they don't need anything but it is so fun to buy presents for kids!
Sawyer loved climbing on the gifts and eating the paper.
Before Kylie and Charley opened their make-up from Nana...
...After the girls went upstairs with their make-up!
Papa was really excited about his new Browning gun from us and Craig and Tina.
If a gun can be beautiful, it is!
Oh Nanny, what fun you are to buy for! Tina bought Nanny a few year back some boxer
underwear that had a bare bottom on them (some of you may remember that picture).
This year, Tina came through with an apron with built-in "additions"!
Nanny is such a good sport and always brings us laughter.
Everyone's face says it all in this picture especially my mom's demeanor! This is a re-gift from a Dirty Santa party that Ryan and I had. This is the G rated picture of the snake underwear we gave Craig. Always good times and good laughs!
Finally, the rest of Christmas day was spent with the cousins playing with their toys the rest of the night. The girls really love their Cinderella castle that Nana got them in Disney. The boys love it too!
We are so thankful for this past year filled with great memories and good health.
Thanks be to God for each day, and I pray that 2014 is filled with more
great memories and good health!