Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Rough Draft of the Nursery

I am finally updating my blog with 3 posts in a row so be sure and scroll down to the other new posts!
I am still not done with the nursery but it is getting there! I still lack some stuff on the walls but we are definitely gettting closer. As you can see below, we still have not even put the mattresses in there cribs. I am currently washing the crib sheet!
The wall hangings above the cribs are pictured below. The colors are not exactly how they show up here but you can get the idea. The border is green which is the same color as their changing table/bookcase. I painted the background a diamond pattern to match with the lattice pattern in the cutains. I thought this scripture was fitting for their nursery.
Picture below is a piece that I drew up and a guy at the flea market made for me. I picked out the paint color to match with the bumper pads. This piece will look a whole lot better once the 1970's computer is taken off...it is sitting where the changing pad will go. I also cannot wait to get some pictures to fill the picture frames on the top with! Hopefully we will not get those pictures for another 3-4 weeks!
I had to buy a smaller chair since our rooms are not huge in our house. This chair matched with the brown on the crib skirt. It is a rocker and glider which will hopefully come in handy!
My sister-in-law, Tina, is so creative with her gifts. She bought Reed and Braden their very first pair of 'cowboy' boots. The leather on them is so soft and they are John Deere boots. I think these will fit the boys around 9 months. The picture frames are ones that my friend Kandice made and they match perfectly with the nursery.
Needless to say, their Aunt Tina has already spoiled them rotten. She also bought them their own little chairs from Pottery Barn. I am getting their names monogrammed on the back. Thanks Tina!
Update on the boys: Two weeks ago, Reed was weighing 4 lbs. and Braden was weighing 3.8 lbs. They were a little concerned with the discordance between their weights so we have begun weekly monitoring. I didn't think a half pound was that big of a deal but it can be a problem with twins. So we are getting ultrasounds once a week and they have gone well these past 2 weeks. They check their movements, breathing, amniotic fluid, blood flow in the placenta, etc.. and they have 'passed' the previous 2 tests. We still need your prayers that these boys will continue to both grow and stay in my belly for another good 3 weeks. The bigger that Reed is the better for surgery! God is good and we know that He will provide but please pray! I feel great and know that I could carry these boys as long as they will cooperate. I am going to have to get onto them for giving me some lovely stretch marks...but I have only gained around 23 lbs so far. I welcome the stretch marks if that means they keep growing!!!!

Massey Shower

My parent's next door neighbor, Mrs. Massey, and her daughter, Sonia Hoover, had a shower for me this past weekend at Sonia's beautiful house. They did the whole shower super nice. When we pulled up to the house, there were two men waiting to help you up the stairs and take your gifts for you. They then took us to the Art Gallery which was off of the pool to enjoy a piano player and some appetizers. (I am 34 weeks in this picture)

This is the Art Gallery. They have beautiful paintings displayed everywhere and a lot more paintings stored in a back room. The walls were even air conditioned to a certain temperature for the painting! I felt very "cultured" being there!!!

This man was a great pianist and he would play anything you would request.

All of the picture below are of people that attended the shower. We had a luncheon outside the pool area then I got to open gifts!!
My mom, me, nanny and granny

High School Shower

Meredith and her mom hosted my shower for my high school friends, their moms and some other ladies from my parents church. Pictured below is: Sarah Scott, Kara Gaylor, me, Tina(my sister-in-law), Meredith and Martha. All of us went to school K-12 together except for Tina. There are 4 other girls that could not come that I also went K-12 with. This was a gift that Ryan sent to the shower. He is always so good about surprises. I know that Reed and Braden will love these John Deere tractors when they get older.
My mom and I. I think that I was around 32 weeks at this shower.
Thanks to Mrs. Cilla and Meredith for a great shower. The cooked tons of food and showered me with too many gifts! Meredith made her mom strip the wallpaper that was in the room we are standing in. From what I understand, it was quite an ordeal but the room looks beautiful.
These were two day gowns that Teresa Pirtle made for the boys. She smocked them by hand and I absolutely love them!