Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Massey Shower

My parent's next door neighbor, Mrs. Massey, and her daughter, Sonia Hoover, had a shower for me this past weekend at Sonia's beautiful house. They did the whole shower super nice. When we pulled up to the house, there were two men waiting to help you up the stairs and take your gifts for you. They then took us to the Art Gallery which was off of the pool to enjoy a piano player and some appetizers. (I am 34 weeks in this picture)

This is the Art Gallery. They have beautiful paintings displayed everywhere and a lot more paintings stored in a back room. The walls were even air conditioned to a certain temperature for the painting! I felt very "cultured" being there!!!

This man was a great pianist and he would play anything you would request.

All of the picture below are of people that attended the shower. We had a luncheon outside the pool area then I got to open gifts!!
My mom, me, nanny and granny

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