Tuesday, October 14, 2008

High School Shower

Meredith and her mom hosted my shower for my high school friends, their moms and some other ladies from my parents church. Pictured below is: Sarah Scott, Kara Gaylor, me, Tina(my sister-in-law), Meredith and Martha. All of us went to school K-12 together except for Tina. There are 4 other girls that could not come that I also went K-12 with. This was a gift that Ryan sent to the shower. He is always so good about surprises. I know that Reed and Braden will love these John Deere tractors when they get older.
My mom and I. I think that I was around 32 weeks at this shower.
Thanks to Mrs. Cilla and Meredith for a great shower. The cooked tons of food and showered me with too many gifts! Meredith made her mom strip the wallpaper that was in the room we are standing in. From what I understand, it was quite an ordeal but the room looks beautiful.
These were two day gowns that Teresa Pirtle made for the boys. She smocked them by hand and I absolutely love them!


andrea said...

Oh, how fun...love the smocked gowns :)

Amanda said...

The day gowns are beautiful! Had fun at the shower, living the high life! Emma Cate has been saying a prayer for all of our new baby friends!