Monday, September 22, 2008

My First Baby Shower

Thank you to Heather, Vanessa, Natalie and Amanda for hosting my college friend shower plus a few extra Nashville friends. They had everything decorated so cute and the food was delicious. They, of course, did way too much for me. Our friendships go back to our freshman year in college and now we all live in Nashville. I am so thankful that God brought all of these girls into my life!
I had to post this picture for a "shout out" to Jaren since she couldn't drive all the way from Oklahoma...I don't know why not! Thanks J for these cozy covers, I know they will come in handy this winter. I got several monogrammed burped clothes and bibs which I absolutely love. Reed and Braden are going to have a lot of matching stuff and some really cute burp clothes. Here is the belly shot for those of you who keep asking for it. This is me at almost 31 weeks. So far, these boys have stayed mostly in my belly but I am still waiting for the rest of my body to expand:-) I still don't reallly feel that pregnant besides a belly that causes me to not be able to see my toes and the constant fighting these boys already do in my stomach! They had these cute craft projects at the shower. I mshould have taken some pics of the final products. Everyone either painted or sewed on shirts, onesies or bibs...they are so cute!
Thanks Nat for having the shower at your house. I cannot wait to find out what she is having. I am really hoping that it will be a boy so that our boys can grow up together.
Martha Lynn, Heather and Sara
Mom and I. She was the only "adult" of the group but she has known all these girls for a long time.


Amanda said...

I had a fun time! Thanks for being a great friend. I hope Nat has a boy too, they will all be friends! You look fabulous!! I am so thankful everything is going well with the pregnancy! Love you!

mkburcham said...

I can't believe you have two little boys in there--you look beautiful! I wish I could have been there for the shower-I am hoping to take a trip to N-ville in the spring or summer so our boys can meet! I am still praying for you and the boys for good health the remainder of your pregnancy! Sorry my gift didn't make it to the shower!! Love and miss you!

Mittig family said...

You look so great-how are there two babies in that little tummy? It looks like you had a great shower!

Abigail and Ansley said...

Keeley, You look so great! You and your boys (Ryan too) are in my constant thoughts and prayers. Having twins is such a blessing! You will be such a great mom!

Haley said...

Hey Keeley. just wanted to say congrats on the twins. I am enjoying checking out your blog!

Kristen said...

You look great! I doubt pregnancy will expand to the rest of your body if it hasn't already :) First showers are so much fun!

Anonymous said...

It looks like you had a wonderful shower! How fun!!