Monday, December 26, 2011

Happy Holidays!

This is what shopping with 3 kids looks like! I don't usually go to Kmart but they had the best deal on little bikes. They were $29.99 for Disney Princess bikes (usually $65), and this is what Charley wanted for Christmas. I also got Kylie one for Easter.
It was on this shopping trip that Braden got his black eye. If you ask him how he got it, he will tell you that "Reed did it...he threw his milk cup at me!" It looks awful.
Kylie Reese at 20 months old. Where in the world do the days go?! The boys were pretty entertained by the static.
Papa horsin' around with the boys. Their expressions are priceless.
Ryan reading Kylie a book before bed. My poor kids have been lacking in the sleep and nap department this past week with all the holiday fun! This picture needs a video with it. The kids were sitting on the bookcase and would run and jump on papa on the couch. The boys were hitting their heads against the glass and I told them to stop but should have made them stop. The next thing I know is my mom's breakable things on top of the bookcase fell off and glass ornaments shattered everywhere.

The one thing they are allowed to do when Uncle Craig comes around.

Putting our pajamas on for Christmas morning. Thanks to Aunt Janice for giving these to the kids on Christmas Eve at my parents because I failed at buying any new pj's!

Can you tell that the kids were worn out? Our kids are not used to staying up late especially till 10:30!

This is a picture of the boys bringing me a present that their papa bought for them to give to me. They bought me a Snowbaby that they recorded their voices on for me....I love it! The reason that my dad bought this was because my mom has a tree in their bathroom full of Snowbabies and the boys always told them that they wanted to buy one for their mom!

Christmas Morning at our house!

The stockings were hung from the chimney with care

Kylie, Braden and Reed sitting on the steps waiting anxiously to see what Santa brought them.

The kids were so excited with what Santa brought them. The boys basically got tractors and Kylie got a new table and chairs, makeup, baby stroller and clothes.

Daddy and Braden

Ryan, I mean Santa, filled my stocking with some goodies. Santa knew that Ryan lost his wedding ring in the woods hunting so he kindly bought me another wedding ring to give to Ryan!

After we did Santa, we went to church then came over to my parent's house to do Christmas with them and Craig and Tina.

My dad bought the girls their own John Deere tractor and painted the hood of it pink so they wouldn't have theirs taken by Braden and Reed. If you asked Kylie what she wanted from Santa, she would always say "Tractooor"
Charley and Kylie loving on each other
Isn't Charley such a doll?
Let's just say that my Nanny is not very happy with me for putting these pictures on here! I asked if she would rather the kids remember her as a really funny nanny or boring?! My brother and Tina bought Nanny these boxer shorts. I think these might reappear next year!
Nanny is totally naive. I told her to go pick up some paper that was lying on the floor...needless to say, it made a really funny picture.
Reed and Braden opening some more presents

Tina and Charley

Uncle Craig opening the 50th tractor the boys got:-)

Nana with Kylie and Charley Ryan and I bought the boys a Gator for their present. That's pretty much all they got from us and they LOVE it!!!
Kylie and Papa watching the boys driving...the boys do a really good job driving.
The Christmas madness
Granny and Nanny are such good sports for all the chaos on Christmas. I am so thankful for the two of them.
Me and Tina
The kids can't go a day without a Popsicle
Reed being silly with a chair on his head
The pictures do not fully explain how funny this was. I was laughing hard at Braden and when Charley saw me, she started mocking me. She would laugh then throw her hand over her mouth then bend down. Tina called me yesterday and said Charley was still doing it!
My sweet grannies reliving their childhood..did they have playdo back then?!
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas with your families. I cannot help but to be reminded of how much we have to be thakful for...mainly for each person that we have in our lives!