Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Way Behind!

Well if you are still checking my blog, you know that it has been a long time since I posted last. I hate when I am this far behind since this is their "baby" book.
These pictures were from their first day of school this fall. They absolutley love going to class with Miss Victoria, and they have all boys in their class. Kylie is not going to "school" yet but next year she will.
The kids still love to ride the lawn mower with papa. This was the first time they all three rode together. I really need to get some videos on here because my dad fixed our really old riding lawnmower this week, and the boys can drive it by themselves. Don't worry, it goes really slow in first gear. Braden honestly just about cried because he was so excited about it!

Our Country Boy. Ryan thinks that the boys are going to be little rednecks:-) They knwo the difference in Ford, John Deere, Honda, and Farmall tractors. We will be driving down the road and I will say "boys, look at the bulldozer" and it never fails that one of them will correct me and say "that's not a bulldozer, it's a backhoe!"

Their favorite songs to listen to on the Ipad are "Gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday" and also "John Deere Green" Secretly, I love that the boys love these things. I guess the next step is hunting!

Kylie and Charley have a good time together. Kylie loves the horses and dogs. She will definitely be the reason that we get a dog one day. Charley amazes me for an 18 month old. She is so tall for her age and that little girl will ride the horse with Uncle Craig for over an hour at a time. I'm afraid she is going to be barrell racing one day.

These last pictures are a little random but that's what happens when I don't post for so long. One night I got on to Reed for something then I went downstairs to get the laundry. When I came back up, this is what I found. Braden told Reed to lay down in his lap and he was patting him on the back. Too sweet!
I think shortly after that, Kylie got in trouble for something. I probably told her "no" and she gets her feelings hurt really easily. Then Braden told Kylie to lay down in his lap and they both started to pat her back. Braden is definitely my big helper and comforter for the other two.
Kylie Reese with her first pigtails:-)