Saturday, March 20, 2010

Down on the Farm!

No we were not on a farm yesterday but that is what this picture makes me think about. I love the boys in these overalls! We have been enjoying the warm weather that we have had for a whole 2 days now. I am sure that it will be back to freezing tomorrow.

Reed loves the golf cart. Right when we pull down my parents driveway, he will point to the barn where the golf cart stays. I sure hope he doesn't take up loving golf like his daddy since its so expensive to play:-)

Is it time for a haircut yet? We were at dinner last night and the boys had on these outfits and a lady says "Do you have twin boy and girl?" Seriously, if Reed was a girl, I would at least put him in pink overalls. You gotta love the things people say. I am sure I will take more offense when people will ask me if Kylie Reese is a boy because I am sure she won't have much hair!
Yes, Reed still has bruises on his forehead. He really doesn't fall that much but he bruises so easily. Braden fell right on some bricks yesterday and he did not get a single bruise. If it had been Reed, he would have had a huge goose egg and a bruise immediately!
We are working with Braden getting used to the swing. He is not a big fan of it right now but he will sit in it as long as you don't swing him high and he has something to play with like Popa's hat.
Isn't this the cutest picture?!? Braden loves Purity but Purity does not have the same love for him yet. It might have something to do with the fact that B loves to "hug" Purity while she is trying to rest.
Braden was even trying to play ball with Purity but she ran off right after this picture!
Reed trying to keep up with Braden but he has a ways to go. Reed cannot go as quickly as B in the grass but he has gotten much better. He still needs some more muscle:-)
Soon to be three little kiddos! I am 35 weeks right now and Kylie is just a growing. Last week, she was measuring about 5lbs. 4oz which is bigger than Braden was a birth. I cannot believe that the time is almost here but we are excited to meet her. Life is busy now but it is about to get even busier!!!

Tuesday, March 09, 2010


I know that I have been terrible about updating! I will definitely get back on a more routine posting for those of you who still check. The boys have been keeping us busy but thankfully the weather has started to cooperate.
Reed and Braden enjoyed their first lawnmower ride with PaPa yesterday. I have a feeling they might follow in their Uncle Kyle and Craig's footsteps and be mowing by the time they are 5!
Too cute!
Today we went to my parents so that my mom and I could get started making Kylie's bedding. Needless to say, not much progress was made on my part. I went outside to throw garbage out and the boys both lost it at the door. They love to be outside!
This doesn't capture their first response when I walked out. This was after I had come back from getting my camera. You better not even say the word outside unless you want to take them right then. We are working on not throwing little fits when we don't get our way:-)
My dad had his eyes worked on this morning and PaPa thought he would let Braden try out his old people sunglasses!
The strainer was much more fun to "try on"
Don't they look like such big boys in these outfits. Thanks Mandi and Josh for their shirts..the pants they came with are still too big!
Braden went to the barn and came out with this. I guess he thought that the mower might need more gas. Don't you love his hair in this picture
Braden is one happy little boy. I think that he would stay outside all day if we would let him. I have never seen a kid who loves to look at books as much as he does. He HAS to have a book in the car and if he walks outside with one, he won't let it go! Maybe he'll be our little scholar:-)
Sweet little brothers
Reed decided that he was going to play in the dirt a little bit. Of course, he still has a bruise or two on his head. He is getting around much better but still has an occasional fall on the hardwood floors. Part of me thinks that his heart medicines cause him to bruise easier than Braden because Braden will fall as hard if not harder sometimes and it will not even bruise. Or maybe Reed is like me as just bruises really easily.
"This dirt is not so bad!"
Reed loves to watch what Braden is doing. He is a little imitator of his "big" brother!
Such a little boy!
Too much stuff to look at and play with at Nana and PaPa's
I forgot to post that Reed had his first heart catheterization this past month. This is a chance for the doctor to go in through his groin up to his heart and take some samples of his heart tissue to be biopsied and also shoot dye through his coronary arteries to get some pictures of his heart.
Thankfully, the biopsy came back great and he had no cells that indicated heart rejection. His heart function was great and he doesn't have to go back till his 3 to do it again. Praise God!
"Are rocks ok to eat?"
Braden and Reed are such a joy in our lives. Ryan and I love them so much and each stage seems to get more fun. It is going to be interesting to see how they or should I say we adjust to little Kylie Reese when she joins our family in about 5-6 weeks. Please pray for us and a healthy baby girl. After the, can I say traumatic, delivery of the boys, it sure would be nice to have a "normal" delivery with no complications what so ever. At least I won't be in labor for 27 hours this time since she will be C-section! We cannot wait to meet our new addition and we are so thankful that God has blessed us with another child. I'm sure my posts will get funnier with raising two 17 month old boys and a newborn!!!!